Tuesday, May 17, 2011

27 Memories Part 2

Here is the second half of my 27 memories:

14. Probably the biggest thing that happened when I was fourteen was I got really sick and almost needed a blood transfusion. That wasn't really very fun. Oh, and I started High School. I like to think that once I got to high school, I started to come out of my shell a little. I finally found friends that I was comfortable with and didn't give me a hard time about my standards or my clothes, or anything really. Lauren became one of my best friends. I'm so glad that we're still in touch.

15. When I was 15, I herniated a disc in my neck. No, it wasn't from a car accident or anything cool like that. Honestly, no one is quite sure how it happened, but it was possibly from turning my neck suddenly and quickly. My BFF Monica (this is when we started our epic friendship with Lauren :) ) and I made up a story about how I was on the roof of my house and trying to save my dog or something and I fell off. See? Isn't that a MUCH cooler story that turning my head? We thought so at the time.

16. I got my driver's license about a month after I turned 16. When we got back from my dad's house at the end of the summer, my mom told me that she had bought a truck for me to drive to school and work (because now I needed to get a job) and to take my siblings around. We drove to her office where it was waiting. This couldn't have been better if she had planned it. I had begged and begged her not to get a nasty, ugly, two-toned truck like she had threatened. Well we pulled into her office parking lot and there stood the ugliest truck imaginable. I was devastated. My mom laughed. We pulled up to the truck and next to it was another truck, beautiful and white. I was so sad I couldn't have that one. My mom handed me the keys to the truck and I got out and went to get in. The keys didn't work. Then my mom said, "Try the other one." "The other what?" I asked. "The other truck," she laughed. I tried the keys in the other truck, the big beautiful white new looking truck. And the door opened! It was like magic! So I took it for a spin. It was heaven. I won't tell you that I then drove the truck all over Roseville before I realized that the E-brake was on. After about 15 minutes the truck started smelling like burnt rubber. But that part doesn't matter. All that mattered was that I wouldn't have to drive to school in a beater. YEAH!!!

17. I loved my Senior Year of High School. My friends and I had the most awesome time ever. One of my favorites is when we kept pranking Brad, a kid in our class at Church. The first thing we did was completely saran-wrap his car. With like 1,000 feet of seran-wrap (I'm not exagerating!). The thing was, we had put little notes in between each layer so in order to get them all, he had to unwrap each layer. I happen to be at the school to pick up my brother when he got our "present" so I watched him. But then he knew it was me and Monica so he caught me and got "mad" at me. So then to get him back, Monica and I attacked his bedroom with yellow ribbon curls. We put them in everything (suit coat pockets, pants, his plane collection, laundry basket, bed, even his unmentionables drawer (we made his brother do that)). And we made him a candy lay (out of seran-wrap) and strung it all over his bedroom. Only problem was that in between the two pranks, he got hit at football practice badly and shattered his leg. So he didn't see his "presents" for a month or so because he stayed on the couch. But it all worked out and we became really good friends. :) And yes, several years later (even after his mission) he was still finding yellow curls in his stuff. He vowed never to use yellow curling ribbon on anything ever again. :) Bwahahaha.

18. The biggest event, by far, was starting college at Brigham Young University-Idaho! I absolutely love, love, loved college. There are so many memories associated with each year of college. My roommates were Ruth, Lisa, Bridgette, Rosalina, and Lois. We all came from vastly different backgrounds, but we all got along very well.

19. I finally started hitting my stride in college. I decided who I wanted to be and the type of life I wanted to live. And I discovered that I can actually be funny (on purpose!). Much to the shock of my family. :) I lived with Nicole, Lois (again), Jennifer, and Desirae.

20. I'm not sure if this a favorite memory or not, but it is kinda cool--sorta. I worked as an early morning janitor on campus. From 4am to 7am in the Hart (P.E.) Building. I was quite proud of myself that in the three months I worked there, I didn't once miss work or clock in late. And considering that mornings and I don't agree, that was quite a feat! :) This was my Junior year of college and definitely my favorite roommates. I lived with Nicole (again), Jennifer (again), Lisa, Rachel, Amy, and Natasha moved in when Nicole went off track. Early on we established the RPA Club. This was probably the most difficult roommate situation too. We were all very, very close friends and one girl went through some pretty difficult things that affected the rest of us. I think that because of my roommates trials (and thus they becoming ours) we became the best of friends. I still keep in touch with each of them and probably will for the rest of my life.

21. Monica threw a surprise party for me and I was actually surprised. It was fabulous. The guy that I had a crush on drove over an hour on a weeknight just to come. It was really special and I had so much fun. Oh, and that summer, Monica got her mission call to Temple Square. There is a great picture of me and her sitting together as she read the letter and she is grinning at me and I was laughing hysterically. Just that morning she had told me that she KNEW she was going to Temple Square--the one mission that she didn't want to go to. Turns out she was right, and she loved it. :) I lived with Monica for that Summer and then in the Fall/Winter I lived with Lisa (again), Natasha (again), Brooklyn, Candice, and Kara. Brooklyn went home for the winter and Amy (a different one) moved in and became my bedneighbor (because we shared a room and beds were neighbors! ha ha ha!!)

22.  I had the best summer of my life so far and at the end of it, I graduated from College! Woohoo! I only had to take one class that semester and so I got to spend plenty of time being with my friends and I did study. In fact I got an A+ in the class. And it was a hard class too. Anyway. My roommates (Marissa, Carrie, Andrea, Hannah, and bedneighbor Amy) were awesome and our friends were amazing. Fourth of July was epic. I was "kidnapped" for lunch by my best friend that summer and then we met up with the rest of our group for swimming at the Lake and then a BBQ in Idaho Falls, followed by hours of hanging out, playing games, eating, and watching the "Best Fireworks west of the Mississippi." They really are that spectacular. :)

23. I got my job I have now. It was offered to me twice and the first time I said no because it had nothing to do with what I wanted to do. But the second time (it was about a week and a half later) I finally accepted. I was the receptionist in the main office. After doing that about a week--I was told that the next week I would start doing my current position. I was terrified! I knew nothing about law. But fortunately, I have very, very patient supervisors and they've taught me a lot. That was definitely a growing experience.

24. My family went on an EPIC trip to Disneyland! It was so fabulous!!! We went Memorial Day weekend and had a wonderful time! We flew down and basically laughed the entire time. Seriously, we pretended we were like 5 years old and had never been there before--Well, in the case of Erin that was actually true. We ran all over the place. We did everything we could. We rode the rides and stayed ALL DAY in the parks. From open to close. It was seriously magical. Just the way it is supposed to be.

25. One big highlight of 25 was that I got to go to Alaska! And I loved it! It is so spectacularly beautiful. I couldn't get enough pictures of the mountains. My BFF was living there are the time so I went to visit. I was there for 5 days and part of the time was spent in Seward, a tiny village on the edge of Resurrection Bay. We went on a "Whale Watching" cruise--except there were no whales. It was kind of a bummer, but it was still cool to cruise around the bay, see the Pacific Ocean, have it snow on us, and see mountain goats and Killer Whales, among some other animals. Despite the weather being terrible, I still had a great time and the scenery was AMAZING!

26. I officially broke my first bone. My middle finger on my right hand. I crushed it in our garage door. I'll have to do a post about the story because it is pretty funny (now, anyway). It was my roommates birthday, and I ruined it. She thought it was awesome. I think she is crazy. :) Now my finger is slight deformed and sometimes it still hurts, almost a year later. Good times.

27. It will be interesting to see what this year brings! I'm pretty excited!

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