Monday, May 2, 2011

Happy, Happy News!

So Yippie Skippie today! My best friend, Monica, is still in town because she had a doctor's appointment today. To find out if she's having a BOY or a GIRL! YEAH!!

Since she was on this side of town we met up for lunch at Togo's. So Delish!

This is Monica with her cute baby bump. She is very excited to be wearing maternity clothes. Everytime I've seen her she tells me she is wearing maternity clothes. It's really cute.

So I asked her which she was having. But she said she promised to tell Stephen, her hubby who is stationed in Afganistan right now, first. Problematic since he is in an active war zone and it was about 12:30 AM his time. So we talked and ate and talked more and then Stephen called just as I was saying that I needed to get back to work. But just as Monica picked up the line, the call dropped. And he didn't call back.

We waited a couple of minutes, and still...nothing. AUGH! The suspense was killing me!! And I'm not even related! Anyway, Monica decided to get a smoothie and as we're waiting for the guy to finish it, Stephen called back and Monica jetted away to tell him the happy news.

I, on the other hand, was stuck paying for the smoothie (fortunately, Monica gave me her card). Then she came back in and announced...It's a BOY! Yeah!!! I knew it. As we were talking about names for the baby during lunch she kept using male pronouns without realizing it. Ha ha ha! I'm so clever. I knew she would tell me if we went to lunch. Fortunately, Stephen was able to find out first, just like she promised. And now I get to start shopping for little boy stuff!! YEAH!!!! That kid is going to be spoiled rotten!

Then Monica showed me the sonogram pictures. You could actually tell it was a baby! The technology has come such a long ways. She even had a picture of the baby's face and it was so detailed. It was a little person. You could see his fingers and toes. It was magical and amazing! He is so precious! I can't wait to meet him.

As a side note, Monica and I found this little gem at Togo's today.
The first isn't so bad, but the second...yeah, I might have nightmares.....

But hopefully my dreams will be happy and full of beautiful babies!

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