Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy National Scrapbooking Day!

Yes, there is such a thing as "National Scrapbooking Day"--isn't that glorious!? I think so. :) It was today. And it was mostly freakin' awesome!

Conveniently, I have created a little scrapbooking/craft haven in my room recently. I'll write up a post about that later. Anyway, it is perfect and it was just in time for the special holiday.

I heard about an awesome online crop on my favorite scrapbook website: I love this site. It has so many free resources! And it has tons and tons of supplies that I don't find at local stores. Anyway, the site was having a online crop and a little competition. Well it wasn't a real competition, but if you did the project that was described and uploaded a picture in the allotted time, you were entered into a random drawing for $135 worth of scrapbooking stuff! For free!

I was really excited about this. It was an excuse to get my craft on all day long. I figured that my chances were very slim at winning, because its an international event, but I thought I would participate and have fun and be productive. I convinced Caitlin to come over and hang out too.

The first event was at 9:00am and the project was a card. Here is what I came up with:
It wasn't anything special. But it met the requirement of being a card. So I submitted it. At 9:58am. Two minutes before it was due. In case you wanted to know.

So then I moved onto the next project: a page dedicated to my favorite scrapbooking tool. I came up with this:

This page spotlighted my two favorite tools, my scissors and my (er, Cait's) Cricut. After I submitted this entry, I checked the winners page to find out if I had won. And I did!!!! I won a prize for the card! Whoohooo!!! I was so excited! I told everyone in my house, my mom, and I told Caitlin like 20 times. So then I claimed my prize and the website confirmed it.

Then my computer shut down. And wouldn't turn back on. Like at all. Like pushing the on and off button did NOTHING. No flicker of light or hiss of sound to indicate that it was trying it's little heart out to turn on for me. I'll be honest and say that I was a little concerned that it would never turn on again. I mean, the thing is 4 years old, which is practically 70 years old in human. Poor Apollo...(that's the name of my laptop--as an aside, my printer's name is Hercules, just so you know. :) ) Anyway. I so worried that my whole life on my computer had just disappeared into Neverland. Devastation puts it mildly.

Thankfully, Caitlin was there to knock me back to reality so I could go back to scrapbooking. After about an 30 minutes, I couldn't focus and since I had already won a prize and couldn't win again, I gave up, umm, decided to try to fix my computer.

And eventhough I was destraught about my little Apollo, Cait and I had a great time and had fun hanging out.

To make a long story only slightly shorter, I swapped out some parts with my roommate's laptop (its the same exact one as mine)--and I discovered the problem was the actual battery. At least all was not lost. So now I have to replace the battery.

And after more trauma of running around town trying to find a battery and finding out that you have to buy it online because it's not sold in stores (stupid Dell), thus causing you to have to pay for shipping and charging ridiculously high prices, and this is turning into a ridiculously long sentence, I still don't have a battery. And on principle, I refuse to buy the battery online. Of course, give me a week, and my principle will crumble, and once my paycheck clears, I'll buy the freakin' battery. And have my life back.

Great news is, though, I won free scrapbooking stuff. Once I get the goodie box, I'll share the pictures. I am sooo excited.

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