Sunday, December 11, 2011

Pictures from This Weekend

So here are some random pictures from this weekend.

There's this house in Lincoln (3rd Street by the railroad tracks) that times the lights to music. So cool!! I snapped a picture, but I wish I had video. :)

Saturday I was working on my handout for my lesson (I'll share that later) that I taught yesterday in Relief Society and I needed pinking shears, so I ran over to Michelle's borrow her's. Kevin was home and so he INSISTED that I post a picture of him and Tucker on my blog. So here you go, baby boy. Here is the picture that you DESPERATELY WANTED on the internet. :) Love you! (He's so cute!)

Here is Michelle's photo wall all done up for Christmas. It looks sooooo good!

And she was finally able to hang up her teacup collection with the words I made for her last Christmas. :) Looks awesome, right?

After I was done at Michelle's I went over to Cait's to have her help me with putting my handout together. It wasn't hard, but I did want it to get done faster. Thanks, sis!

Steven showed up after we were done and we hung out for a couple of hours.

I convinced Cait to let me take a picture of her at nine months.  Isn't she so cute!?! I love her baby belly. She only has 2 weeks left!! Steven also decided to make his presence known. :)

Nick decided that he wanted pomagranate salad and Cait made him put on an apron. He was so cute, I couldn't resist snapping a few pics. But he realized what I was doing, so I got several pictures of his backside. Definately not what I was aiming for. Eventually I got this shot. Adorable, right? I thought so. :)

So then today was interesting. I found out, thankfully, I don't have to give a talk next Sunday, like I was asked to. So that was nice. And I think that my lesson went pretty well. I just got some 2 bits of uncomfortable news and I'm still trying to digest. And I'm not real happy about it.

But thankfully, It will be okay and I'm not dealing with it alone, so that is always good. :) Good thing I know Heavenly Father loves me. :)

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