Thursday, December 1, 2011

Decorating the Office

Today I decorated our office for Christmas! Yay!

Every year everyone expects some one to do it, but won't do it themselves. So I end up doing it. Not that I mind, but it does take a bit of time and I'm pretty busy, ya know, working.

Well I did it this year anyway. Last year we didn't even have a tree because the person that had a truck wouldn't bother to pick one up, but yet complained all last December that we didn't have one. Silly.

Anywhoo, this year I found a 6' tree in my garage left by one of my old roommates so it got pulled into service this year in the office. It's kind of a sad bit of tree, but it works and it's festive. :)

I made the wreaths and the centerpiece a couple of years ago when I got permission to buy a bunch of decorations. (I love spending other people's money!) The red and gold one is my favorite. I love that ribbon!

Our little Christmas Tree. The tree is red and gold with some blue to match everything else. And the lights are twinklie. Love it. :)

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