Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Gingerbread Houses

For FHE last night we made Gingerbread Houses. They were made out of graham crackers--so they were actually Graham Cracker Houses, but that just doesn't sound as festive. Any way, some of them turned out amazing!--others not so much. :)

Below, Patty, April, and Christiana working on their houses:

Patty's house: It had a porch, complete with a gummy bear holding a double barrel shotgun while sitting on a rocking chair. Now that is legit!

April with her two story mansion with bay windows, complete with a gummy bear sledding in front of it.

Christiana with her very detailed birdhouse, complete with a perch and a welcome sign. So cute!

There were some other fabulous little houses, but I didn't get pictures. It was such a fun activity and we laughed the entire time. Christiana was out of control again. I think I better not take her out in public anymore. ;)

So now we have a beautiful edible birdhouse in my kitchen. Yes. Dreams come true. :)

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