Saturday, December 24, 2011

Family Christmas!!!

Happy day! We got off early today at work! Wahoo! And that is why I'm posting in the middle of the afternoon...because I can! :) Anywhoooo....

Due to certain circumstances outside our control (ie: Cait's baby situation, ya know, coming any second, among others), Christmas was bumped up a bit! We celebrated today! December 22---The new Christmas! (That reminds me of the Modern Family Christmas Episode this year--they celebrated on December 16.. Bwahahaha!)

We had dinner and opened presents. The food was pretty good, if I do say so myself, though aparently my new-ish crockpot is broken. Half of the meat was way undercooked. :( I have yet to master the art of cooking roast. Maybe someday.

I kind of liked having Christmas a little early this year. It gave us time to hang out and have some down time to enjoy our new presents (books! lots of books!) and have the decorations up longer. At least it felt that way.

Here are some fun pictures from our little party.


Steven's Pirate Stocking was a perfect fit. ;)

Nick got to open up Rachel's Baby Scrapbook that I re-gifted. It was even done this time. Obviously, he was quite happy about it. :)

See! Cait is so excited to get a picture of the stocking she gets next year. Nick, well he wasn't so excited...

Erin was so excited to get a chocolate orange (a tradition in our family), but when she opened it, it was a Rock. Because she wanted a "rock" aka a diamond from Jim, her fiance. She did get one from him, and one from Santa. Except Santa's was a real rock. It was hilarious! hehehehehe!


One of my favorite parts is the mess afterwards! Seriously! I love all the bright, colorful paper strewn about and the smiles on everyone's faces. Except for some reason in the above picture---no one is smiling. Huh. Well, I assure you there were lots of smiles and laughter that night. :) And the great thing was that everyone loved their stockings. And Cait, Nick, and Baby Rachel are excited to get their's next year. :)

It was fun because a little later, some family friends of ours stopped by for a little visit. It was fun to hang out with Keith, his wife Dani, and Scott and laugh about all of Steven's mis-adventures as a child. (Steven and Keith have been BFF's for-ev-er.) :)

Definitely a fun night. Merry Christmas to us!

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