Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Eve Traditions

So over the years we've kind of had an irregular tradition of spending Christmas Eve with our friends, the Fluckigers. It started when we were kids and we'd be gone for Christmas and so Mom was alone. So graciously, the Fluckigers would have Mom there for Christmas Eve. Then a few years ago, I was invited to go over there. Dinner was the bribe to get us to help wrap the kid's Christmas presents. And it worked. :)

This year, they invited our whole family over so we had quite the party.

Dinner was delicious and we had a fabulous time hanging out. Listening to the Christmas story and "A Pirate's Night Before Christmas" complete with Sean making pirate noises. :) It was pretty awesome and hilarious.

We had a wonderful time with lots of laughter and awesome food. And lots of excitment because Caitlin was due yesterday. Michelle was just WAITING for Cait's water to break in the middle of dinner. I think when it didn't she was mildly disappointed and relieved (har har!).

Michelle insisted that Caitlin use the Santa Snuggie because it fit over her belly perfectly. :) Caitlin wasn't so Jolly about it.
'Nuff said.
I made cream puffs to share with the family. Everyone was so excited. And they were Ahhhhmazing!
Sean and Alyssa. Colin is hiding behind Alyssa.
Erin, Steven, and Mom chillin'.

Colin did have his head on Alyssa's lap and it was really cute, but then Alyssa saw that I was taking a picture and moved and so Colin tried to duck out of the picture. Punks.
While we were there, someone doorbell ditched a beautiful charm bracelet off for Michelle. No one knows who it's from.
Mom, Lys, Michelle, Caitlin, & Sean watching A Christmas Carol.
Nick came over and was cuddling with Caitlin and had his head on her stomach and it was super cute. Then he realized that I was trying to take a picture so he moved. Punk.
Rachel started kicking and moving around and so everyone took turns feeling her move. It was funny to watch Kevin. He was a bit disturbed. He had never felt a baby move and so it kind of freaked him out. Caitlin forced him to feel it. He might have had nightmares that night. Bwahahaha!

So that was our Christmas Eve. And it was perfect. :)

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