Saturday, December 17, 2011

Santa Steve

Can I just say that I love my brother, Steven!?! He is so cute and sweet. :)

This is a prime example of the above.

This morning he played Santa for Lincoln First Ward's Christmas Party Breakfast (which was delicious, by the way). The last few years he's played Santa for Loomis First Ward (our family ward), which has been really cute. The first year, he knew a bunch of the kids and so he was able to "prove" that Santa was real because none of them knew it was Steven.

As an aside that year, one kid, Ethan, was convinced that Santa wasn't real but then he talked to Santa Steve and by the end as he walked away, he said so happily that only an 8 year old can be, "Santa IS real!" That warms my heart!

So this year the tradition continued, but for Lincoln where no one knew him. We have some friends in this ward (hello Fluckigers & Duffs/Hansons!). Michelle was supposed to be helping with the Christmas story portion of the program and so I went to cheer her on and hang with her kids. Michelle was called into work, but my friend Fallon stepped right in and did a fabulous job. The kids were so adorable as she read the story. :)

Then Santa came to town. The kids were enchanted by him. :) The first picture is if Einstein and Santa had a baby :) :

The ward also gave out little mangers with straw. Starting December 1st, for every good deed you do, you put a piece of straw in the manger and try to fill it up so that when baby Jesus comes on Christmas, the manger is full for him. Cute, right? I thought it was really sweet.

It was a fun party and it was especially fun because I got to hang out with my kids and the Duffs. :)

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