Sunday, December 18, 2011

Awesome Quote Project

So awhile back, I happened upon this blog post from one of my favorite blogs. I really like Allison's version, but I didn't have access to barn wood and I wanted different colors, so I adapted it to what I did have on hand: a blank 12"x24" canvas. :)

I used my (Cait's) handy-dandy cricut and laptop to design the look of the canvas using a font I liked. And now I can't remember what it is. Sorry.

I painted the canvas with most of it being yellow and then just the bottom portion where the word "awesome" is in bright green.

I didn't have any vinyl, but I had contact paper and I figured that would probably work just as well, right? Yeah, wrong. I tried using a bit of mod-podge to stick the contact paper down so I could just paint over it with the dark grey (so the wording would be yellow & green). Problem: the mod-podge dried and acted as glue. So then the letters were glued to the canvas. Not the look I was going for.

Fortunately, I only did this for the first two letters on the first word. I was able to get the paper off with a bit of elbow grease, water, and an exacto knife. I learned my lesson and just traced each of the letters. Which made for a lot more work and time.

When I was all done tracing, I started the most time consuming part. I painted the cobblestone grey color around each letter. The grey was not as opaque as I would have liked and so it took at least 3 coats to get the solid look I wanted.

And then it was done:

It's now hanging in our hallway so you see when everytime you come out of the bathroom. And it makes me happy. :)

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