Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A New Calling

I find it interesting and facinating that most of the time I get a new calling, I know I'm going to get a new one, sometimes I even know what calling I'm going to get. This has happened to me lots of times in my life. The only time I was actually really surprised was when I was released from the Relief Society Presidency (and in that case, the Bishop was even surprised. :) )

For example, last month I was asked to substitute teach in Relief Society. I love teaching Relief Society and had missed doing it since I was released from the Presidency a couple of years ago. When I was preparing, the thought came to me that I would be called as a Relief Society Teacher. I kind of laughed it off and thought that there was no way I would get called to that because other people need that experience more than me (in a good way). There are lots of girls that are newer to Relief Society that should be able to have the opportunity to teach and lead. I've had that opportunity lots of times.

Then this month I was again asked to substitute for Relief Society. The impression that I was going to get called as a teacher came back stronger than before. It was like scrolling banner going across my mind as I was talking to the RS counselor the Wednesday before I taught. I love teaching, especially in Relief Society, and so I was excited, but not 100% if it was the Spirit preparing me for the calling, or if I just wanted the calling.

Sunday, as I was getting ready for Church, I got a text to meet with a member of the Bishopric before Church. I went early and got extending a new calling, yep, you guessed it: Relief Society Teacher! I laughed when they told me. Then I realized that wasn't the best response and so I happily said yes. And I found out that I am going to still be the Compassionate Service Leader. Apparently I still haven't learned to be compassionate yet. ;)

I love serving in the Church! I feel like I'm actually contributing to something positive and worthwhile (not that I'm not in other aspects of my life, but this is more substantial and significant). So I'm excited to study and teach about the Gospel. I always learn so much and get so much from the discussions in class.

So two callings and two jobs. Fortunately, both callings are pretty low key, particularly teaching--I only teach one Sunday a month. I'm pretty sure this is the easiest calling in the Church. :)

So anyway, back to my point...after I was extended and accepted the calling, I was talking to Trulie (the current RS President) about it. I told her that it was funny because I had known I was getting the calling days (well, weeks) before I was told. She said that they had only decided the day before I was called! She said they hadn't even thought of putting me in that calling until then. It's amazing how the Spirit works! I'm not a big fan of surprises, so I'm glad that I have some kind of "warning" that changes are coming. :)

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