Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Lesson in Humility

As they say, "Pride goeth before the fall."

Today I found out that it's true. Dang it. And now my finger AND my nose both have an owie. Owwie? oowwwieee? How do you even spell that??

Anyway. Moving on.

So here is the lesson I learned.

At work our office was dropped by a client, and in this particular case we are quite happy about it. So I was telling my co-worker how glad I am that my work was impecable in this case and that nothing bad can come back on me because I did my job correctly. I then commented on how it saved me a lot of stress today because I did my job well. My co-worker laughed at me because I had no problem bragging about it. (Is it really bragging if it's true?) So my co-worker and I bantered for a little bit about my bragging and laughed, all in good fun.

Then came the lesson.

In order to finish up the last couple of things on the file to get rid of it, I had to remove a couple of staples.

As I was pulling out the first staple, my finger got caught in the remover and smooshed (technical term) my finger leading to a large and rather painful blood blister on my ring finger on my right hand.

After a moment, I got over the tragic and sudden loss of use of my finger and tried to remove the second staple. This time the staple came out and flicked right into my nose with the sharp pointy ends stabbing (yes, stabbing!) the end of my nose! Another owie. Boo.

I told my co-worker and she laughed again and said, "Pride goeth before the fall."


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