Monday, September 26, 2011

The Jello-Stapler Conundrum

There is a classic story of a boy that gives his co-worker a present:

Jim pranked Dwight in an episode of "The Office" by putting Dwight's office supplies in Jello.
This is my ode to the classic prank. :)
My co-worker was on vacation last week and so I wanted to have a little welcome home present for her too.

Lesson learned: Use a lighter colored jello so the stapler is better seen. Unfortuantely I was thinking what would taste better so I went with Strawberry.
Alright here's the breakdown of how I accomplished this amazing feat of practical jokester greatness.

Because I was new to this, it took me a couple of trys to get it right.  First, I found a pot (I didn't have a mold) that would fit the stapler and lined it with plastic wrap so the Jello wouldn't stick.

Then I made the jello per the directions for 7 boxes (the pot held 14 cups of water). Then I threw in an extra box of gelatin in for good measure.

This is what 8 boxes of Strawberry Jello Powder looks like--just in case you've ever wondered. Because I know you have.

Here is the Jello all made up and chilling in the pot. I realized that I should have waited for the mixture to cool before putting it in the pot becuase the plastic wrap didn't really do what I wanted it to.
So here is take two. I put it in another bowl lined with plastic wrap once the jello juice was completely cooled, but not set.

Once the jello was set a little bit, I put the stapler in. Note: I didn't actually use my co-workers' stapler. I used my stapler that I had at my house, that way I didn't destroy office property. They just won't know it until I return the real stapler. ;)

Oooooooooh, Pretty!

I let the jello set for two days and then flipped it over on a plate once I got to work. The plastic wrap did it's job and it came out very easily. The only thing I didn't like was the fact that the stapler was hard to see because of the color, and that the plastic wrap wrinkles left indentations on the Jello.

Melissa loved her "surprise"! And so did the rest of the office. :) We laughed about it all day.

Now we just need cool whip so we can eat the jello. And get the stapler out.


Melissa took out the stapler. And we ate the Jello with cool-whip. :) And then Melissa realized that it wasn't even her stapler in the jello. She thought that was the funniest part.


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