Sunday, October 2, 2011

A New Job (Or Two)

I am SUPER excited that I now have a second job!! At Green Tangerines, my local Scrapbook Store. It is such a cute and fun store. I love how bright and fresh it feels there, and I love the ideas and inspiration there. 

As I've explained before I found out that the store was hiring and thought I would apply. I could use the extra cash and it would be fun to work there. Then I heard that the store was have "auditions" for their Design Team. Meaning I would get to be one of the ones making the inspiration at the store. 

I submitted this two page spread as my application:

I loved the way these pages turned out, but then I saw the other applicant's pages. They were AMAZING. I had no idea many people were going to be selected. And I decided that if I didn't get picked, it would be okay, but I was proud that I even tried. 

And then yesterday, I saw this on Facebook:


Green Tangerines
The votes are in... announcing the new members of the green tangerines design team!! Congrats to JuliaJulia Hancock Van HorneZarogina AzocarMegan McGrath, Theresa Ritchie, Gina Cross, Christine Christine Potter ChainWendy Klock-Johnson, Rachel Anderson, Kari Weathersby, Nina Muma, and Teresa Hord!!

I AM SO EXCITED! And I did get the job at the store! I will work after 5pm till close, about 9:30pm. I have my first shift this coming Thursday and I should find out what exactly is going to happen about the design team. Wahoo!

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