Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I was Funny!

So there is a story in my family (ok. lots of them) that say I wasn't very funny as a kid. I had a sense of humor and laughed easily, but between my brother and my sisters, I was not the clever, witty one. I think my label as a child was the "oldest" (fine. "bossy"). I would try to funny and clever, but would usually epically fail.

Not today, er yesterday, friends. Not yesterday.

And Bekah Hanson, this puns for you. :) (Another one! Bwahahaha!)

So I was talking to my friend Lauren who was home for the weekend. Here is our IM conversation:

           me:       "So why did you come?"
           Lauren: "Because my mom threw a party for a house.
                        "For our house, I mean.
                        "For it's 21st bday
                        "he he hee"
           me:       "oh wow. I've never heard of that. lol! Did the house get totally plastered?
                        "Bwahahahahaha! I'm so funny!"
           Lauren: "LOL!!!!!"

So there you have it folks! And yes, I'll be here all week. Er. Year. Whatever. :)

Best part is that I thought of the joke, well really bad awesome pun, all on my own and right on the spot! Mom, you'd be so proud.

The thing is that when I came home for the summer after my first year of college, I can remember that I told some joke and everyone laughed and my mom said, "Megan! You were funny!" It was such a shameful moment in the humor of my family. :)


In a completely unrelated event, but nonetheless hilarious, someone in my office (not me!!!) fell asleep while on the phone with a client yesterday!!! HIL.ARI.OUS!! And they were out for like 20 minutes and the client talked most of it!! We're going to blame it on the fact that the room the person was in was very warm and didn't have any fresh air. :)

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