Saturday, September 10, 2011

Moving Day

So some family friends moved this weekend and so my brother and I spent the day helping them out. We also had a great time.

 Kevin and Grandpa putting together Kev's bed. In his gigantic bedroom. And no, I'm not jealous. Not a bit. nada. nope.

I finally got Lys' flower hangy thingy I made for her birthday hung up. It'll look lovely when her room is all set up.

Here is Lys driving my car. She got her permit a couple of months ago so I let her drive the two miles from the old house to the new one.  She did pretty good and I didn't get freaked out (too much).

A view from the upstairs walkway down into the entry way. The house is huge and so beautiful! I loved the colors and the kitchen. The floors were amazing and I loved the wall color. And the kitchen! It's amazing. Yeah, I'm totally jealous. :) Michelle even gets her own sewing room. So lucky. :)

After a hard day of heavy moving and lifting, Steven, Kevin and Tucker (the dog) spent some time playing and wrestling.

The house is beautiful and I was impressed by how much was done while we were there. It looked like a functioning house already! :) Yeah for new houses!

And if there is room in the attic, I just might sneak in. :)

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