Monday, September 19, 2011

Happy News!

Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day! Talk Like a Pirate Day has nothing to do with this post, but thought I would recognize this auspicious day. :)

A few weeks ago I heard that my local scrapbook store (Green Tangerines) was hiring staff members and was having open "auditions" for their Design Team.

I thought I would be brave and apply for the design team. And for a second job. The money could come in handy, as well as an employee discount. ;)

Last Monday I got a call from the store saying that they wanted to schedule an interview and they were kind enough to schedule it during my lunch.

So I went in last Tuesday and had my interview. I'm pretty sure I shouldn't be so cocky, but I nailed the interview. :)

(Remember how before I said if something is true, that means your not bragging--see picture below as proof for my logic--I found this sign at a local froyo shop!)

 So there you have it. I'm right. And proud of it. :) Moving on...

The store manager, Kelly, told me that they'll call in a couple of weeks to let me know either way, after they've talked to all the people that applied. I figured that was the end of it for a couple of weeks.

Then on Friday afternoon, they called. I'll be honest, I was really nervous. I was so surprised that they were calling me back already. I didn't know what that meant. I was worried that they decided they wanted someone that didn't already have a full time job.

And then I heard this, "Hi Megan! We want to offer you a position at our store working on data entry!" We chatted for a moment and Kelly said, "Do you need some time to think about it?" Um, No! :)

I accepted immediately and start next week. Yeah!!

Regarding my design team application, (which was the Missing Piece scrapbook page I made) I made it through the first round! Look see there's my page! Just waiting for people to go in and vote for it. So go in and vote for it--It's #9! :)

There were some pretty awesome layouts, so I don't know if I'll make it on to the design team, but I'm really happy I made it through the first part. :)

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