Monday, March 19, 2012

Weekend Recap

This weekend was fun. And busy. And embarrassing. And good.

Friday night I stayed up late working on projects for my sister's upcoming wedding reception and trying to finish up my Design Team layouts so I could finish stuff for the reception. I did one layout and got closer to finishing a project.

Saturday I slept in (yay!) and then went to my mom's BFF's house, where we're having the reception open house. I was there for a couple of hours while we planned and plotted and chatted. It was quite delightful. :) And I got some good ideas in my head.

One problem is that the weather is quite unpredictable right now and so it's hard to plan two receptions. Indoor and outdoor. Let's all pray for outdoor, okay? That would make my life much, much easier. :)

I ran an errand and then realized what time it was. It was 2:50pm and I was supposed to be at a wedding at 3:00pm. Eek! Fortunately the wedding was a couple of minutes away from my house and so I had time (about 30 seconds) to stop by my house and change. I did, and then headed to the ceremony. It was small and sweet. It was fun to see some friends that I don't get to see nearly enough and play catch up.

Then, a couple of hours later, I got a sort of panicked call from Alyssa saying that it was prom that night and that there was a corsage emergency! She needed me to come make another corsage for her friend Codie and they needed it before the boys came over in 45 minutes. Conveniently, I was available. I ran back to my house and grabbed my floral tape and went to their house. The girls were so pretty! I busted out a corsage and all was right in the world.

The boys came and we chatted until the girls were ready. They are funny guys. Then Michelle "convinced" me to stick around to help with the formal dinner that Kevin was serving the two couples. Dinner was so delicious! And Kevin was super cute! I loved it. He got all dressed up to play waiter. And then he got all sweet and was talking about how beautiful his sister is and how sad he's going to be when she goes away to college in two years. [insert collective "awwwww, so cute"!!] Tender. For being 12 years old, he is a genuinely, sweet, young man. I'm so proud. :)
Kevin, age 12 and Alyssa, Age 16
Alyssa found the boutineer to be particularly tricky to put on. :)

Super Cute shoes Lys!

Blake, Austin, Alyssa, and Codie
After the kids left for the dance, and since I was in Lincoln, I paid a visit to my favorite niece. She is sooo cute!


Sunday was when I got embarrassed.

I realized that our Stake High Counsel Rep, who visits our ward most weeks, was actually my orthodontist when I was a kid.

This is embarrassing because he remembered who I was, and who my brother was, but never once did I realize who he was. And I've "known" him for almost a year!

In my defense though, I was much shorter at the time and he seemed much taller. And it has been almost 15 years. I'm lame, I know.

Most Sundays, Brother Holt comes up and says hi and asks me how I'm doing and how my family is, how my brother's doing. And I respond appropriately, always wondering how this guy knows me. I just chalked it up to him magnifying his calling by knowing everyone and everything about them in the ward. I respected him for it. Thought it was a bit odd, but cool, nonetheless.

Turns out that he actually does know me and my family.

I realized this during Sunday School yesterday when someone said something about him being an orthodontist and being in Africa for the next 6 weeks to teach people about their teeth (he's awesome to remember his patients 10 YEARS LATER, and volunteer his time in Africa to better the world).

Best Orthodontist Award!

Anyway, so I realized why he has looked so familiar all this time. It was like my worlds collided. Have you ever had a moment when all the pieces fell into place? It seemed like all these things and thoughts I've had came crashing together at the same time. Everything swirled in my brain all together.

I had this flash of conversations my mom and I had multiple times years ago when I had braces, trying to figure out if our orthodontist was LDS or not.

Turns out he is! Question answered (13 years later)!

I'm making this seem much weirder and creepier than it was. Forgive me.

Moral of the story is that I'm going to have to tell him that I really DO know who he is, and that I do appreciate him remembering me after all these years and then apologize for not remembering who he was. Is it weird that I feel bad about just now realizing this?

When I called my brother to wish him Happy Birthday yesterday (he's 26! Eek!) and told him my story, he didn't seem quite so shocked as I was. But then, he's not prone to odd hysterics over nothing.

I think he just laughed at me. There you go Steven, my birthday present to you: Something ELSE to mock me about. Just what you always wanted. I'm so kind to you, little brother.

Okay, this post is horrendously long so I stopped rambling, but there you have it. That is what I experienced this weekend. :)

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