Sunday, March 11, 2012

Playing Quidditch

Yep, it's true. Caitlin and I played Quidditch yesterday. I stopped by a thrift store yesterday and found this:

I almost didn't buy it, after all, it was a whole $2. But then the laugh Cait would get out of it would be worth it.

As fans of all things Harry Potter, Caitlin and I thought this game was hilarious. And for being at a thrift store, I was pleasently surprised to find out that there were no missing peices.

It took us awhile to understand the game, and how to play, but once we turned the game board over, it made a lot more sense. :) The point is to have your seeker find the snitch first. Go figure.

We set up, and Cait called Gryffindor. Bah. That left me with Slytherin. Boo.

Cait went first and moved her characters around. Her Catcher caught the first Quaffle.

Then she moved her Seeker (Harry) to an open spot and flipped over the tile. It was the Golden Snitch! On the first move! I didn't even get to roll the dice!

I called a foul since she had put the tiles on the board. I really don't think she cheated, but to be sure, we played again. Then Nick got home from his campout and we got distracted and bored. So we stopped playing. Nick did love the catapult you use to shoot the Quaffle through the hoops. Cait and I shot a couple of times, but never got it through.

So all in all, Gryffindor beat Slytherin 150-0. And we were entertained. :)

I feel a re-match coming on....

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