Thursday, March 8, 2012

An Enchanting New Store

I discovered a new store a couple of days ago. Charming Charlie at the Fountains.

Oh my goodness. It.Is.Amazing!

I put myself in charge of getting Erin her wedding jewlery for the big day. I wanted something simple and sparkily to match her dress. I heard about this store and checked it out. The jewlery is beautiful and the prices were even more fabulous!

The store is a lot bigger than I expected. And there were so many things I wanted. They had beautiful jewlery, fabulous purses/clutches, and awesome shoes.

Here are a few pictures I snapped while I was looking around.

 I have no idea who would wear the next two items. Maybe I would if I worked in Vegas...hmmm...

These feathers were over 6 inches! yeah,
 Cute Clutch!

This necklace caught my eye, but then I decided that the chain was too heavy and Erin said it was too much. (I was emailing her pictures of it with my phone--LOVE!)

This is the necklace that I ended up getting. It's simple, sparkily and I think it will look lovely on Erin. It will need to be shortened quite a bit, but I think that will be easy enough to do. 

 Here's a close up:
Erin got my email about this necklace and said she loved it. Hopefully it goes well with her dress! :)

On my way home, the moon rose and was huge! That big bright spot is the moon rising over my street. It was quite beautiful. A lovely way to end my day.

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  1. so I've never heard of this place either. just got a gift card for Christmas and still need to venture over there.


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