Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Girls "Night"

Earlier this week, Caitlin, Rachel, and I helped Alyssa get ready for her Prom this weekend. She wanted to make a boutineer for her date and asked me to help. I enlisted Cait and Rachel to come and drive Alyssa around. Because I'm awesome like that. :)

We had a great time at the store and Caitlin was such a great help hilariously pointing out all the gigantic flowers that WOULDN'T work. It was quite entertaining.

We eventually found some pretty, hot pink flowers with some little white flowers for accents.

We got back to my house and I helped Alyssa put together the boutineer and then I made a little hair clip for her to match. Cait and Rachel sat and watched Bones and offered unhelpful advice to entertain us. :) Yes, even Rachel, although hers was a bit more on the passing gas sort of advice...

Alyssa and Rachel watching Bones. So cute. I love Rachel's smirk. :)

Lys is going to prom on Saturday. She is so excited and I'm sure she'll be beautiful. After all, she is wearing a black gown with hot pink, orange, and green shoes. So Awesome.

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