Sunday, March 25, 2012

Third Time's the Charm......Right?

I got a new calling today. A lovely calling. One that I'm pretty sure I can do. This is the third time I've had this calling.

Relief Society 1st Counselor (over Education).

I think Heavenly Father is trying to tell me something....I need to be a better, more effective teacher, or at least something like that.

Right before this, I was a Relief Society teacher. I'll miss that calling. I loved it. I love teaching in Church. I always feel that I get so much more out of it. And it's way less intimdating to me than giving a talk. Probably because I get feedback (or lack thereof) and I can better gauge the class.

At least in the Presidency I'll still get to teach every few months. I'll just miss teaching every month. Though, I do get to teach in April, on Easter! Yay!

What's cool about my new calling is the other members of the Presidency. Teela transferred into our ward last Sunday from her family ward. And was immediately extended the call to be the Relief Society President. Our current President, my friend Trulie (hi!) is "graduating" from the ward because she is turning 31 soon and so leaving the ward. And Amy is the 2nd councilor. I like her. She's always so happy and cheerful. :) And I'm excited to find out who the secretary is going to be.

Poor Teela, she had no idea what she was walking into when she came to our ward...mwuahahaha! :) Just kidding. We're awesome.

Can you imagine?! "Hey! Welcome to the Ward! We're glad to meet you. Wanna be the new Relief Society President?" Talk about serious inspiration on the Bishop's side. That'd take a whole lotta faith on her end too! I don't know that I'd be okay with being the President in a ward that I had JUST COME IN TO! I would have laughed and then ran away screaming, vowing to NEVER go back to a Single's Ward. Well, maybe.

But because Teela is apparently super awesome and has, like, loads of faith, she accepted and I got called to be her first councilor. That's what I get for being nice and introducing myself to the "new girl." :) Don't worry, I'm super excited about it. The ward is really different than last time when I was in the presidency. It'll be a whole new world, er, experience. (Can you tell I just busted into song, in my head? And now I need)

I'm so excited to get started. :)

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