Thursday, March 15, 2012

The {Almost} Newlywed Game!

A couple of weeks ago, I said that Caitlin and I were working on this AWESOME "little" project. Now that Erin and Jim have gotten it, and opened it up, I can share it here. (I have to give credit where it's due...this is completely Caitlin's idea. So clever!)

Our sister, Erin, is getting married in a few (gasp!) weeks and we're not able to be at the wedding [insert tears]. And Erin isn't having a bridal shower [insert more tears, sad faces, and gasps]. And when Erin and Jim come here for their open house, they have nowhere to stay. (What newlywed wants to sleep on someone's couch?! Talk about AWKWARD!)

Well, we couldn't handle that and so Cait came up with the most BRILLIANT idea! Cait suggested that as our wedding present to Erin and Jim, we pitch in to get them a hotel for the weekend they are here.

Great Idea!

But then, because it's how we roll, we took it about 54.3 steps further. ;)

We made a game show/event out of it.

Now P.E.R.F.E.C.T.I.O.N.!!

We created "The {Almost} Newlywed Game!"

We decided that there would be three big prizes at the end: one for the couple (the hotel confirmation paper), one for Erin (a little sumthin' sumthin'), and one for Jim (a bowtie, a t-shirt, and Batman underwear!).

It basically is a treasure hunt/"choose your own adventure" style game/activity.

Because we weren't there to help them with the game, Cait and I created a book to help them along their journey.

Here is the Cover:

The next page has general instructions on how to play and a spinning wheel.(We thought it was hilarious to include a "Terms & Conditions" section in really small print. We took this from the NBC site and modified it only a little so it was geared towards the wedding. :)) The wheel has 5 sections: Door 1, Door 2, Door 3, Lose a Turn, Try Again, and Bankrupt. Lose a Turn, Try Again, & Bankrupt don't do anything, but we thought it was funny.

Each door takes them on a path that makes them do funny things and cute couple things before they move on to the next activity/prize.
This is the list of activities that we came up with:
  • Collect $3.30 in change from shopping center parking lots (They are getting married on 3/30/12) and then buy something with it.
  • Write a love letter to the other to read on their wedding day.
  • Write down their goals as a couple, things they love about each other, etc. Seal the page and open it on first anniversary.
  • Each keep a journal of letters to each other for the first year and then exchange them on their first anniversary.
  • Each have to sing a love song to the other where there is an audience. (hahaha!)
  • Kiss while eating pop rocks.
  • Play card game, "Would You Rather...?".
  • Walk a mile while holding hands.
  • ABC photo scavenger hunt, with objects representing something about their relationship.
  • Watch "The Proposal" and whenever Margaret is bossy, one has to yell "I love you!" and the other has say a cheesy pick up line.
  • Pass gas in front of each other.
  • Do 2 small acts of service for a stranger.
  • Complete the balloon puzzle (The balloon puzzle tells them to open up a box).
 I then put together the book. Pages 6-17 look mostly like this:

The best part about the book is that I didn't buy anything for it, except the comb for the binding. I used scraps that I already had on hand. Unfortunately, I didn't really put a dent in my scrap paper pile.

Here are the last few pages:
*This is them being excited about their prizes.Ha ha ha ha!*

We put the big prizes in boxes, wrapped them up, and labeled them Box A, B, & C.

Then for each challenge that they have to do, there is a paperbag that they have to open that has the materials they need to complete the challenge, and/or a small prize. The numbers on the bags are all numbers that *should* have significance to the happy couple. :) And if they can figure them out, they'll get a small bonus prize--a cute photo album to keep the pictures from their game show party! :) Mwuahahaha!
On top of the boxes and bags, we put a large envelope that had the book in it.

I also made Erin's bouquet as a surprise (she wasn't going to have one of those either!) and Jim's boutieneer, so I put those on top of the envelope. Then Cait wrapped it up and shipped it out!
All in all it was really fun to put it all together. It is remotely possible that Cait and I had more fun planning and plotting and preparing than the happy couple did in doing the activities.

If I'm given permission, I'll see about posting the response we got from Erin and Jim. ;) But suffice it to say, they loved it!!

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  1. I am assuming the response is the proof you have demanded in the form of pictures? yes, you are allowed to post some pictures (I will get them to you soon). And we did LOVE it!!! THANK YOU GUYS SOOO MUCH!!!!! It was wonderful and soo thoughtful! Love you guys!!! :)


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