Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Facebook Conversation

[insert pretty piano music]

Join me as we follow a *typical* conversation that my siblings and I had on facebook last night, in response to a picture that Caitlin posted.

This is the picture, in which Caitlin had tagged her siblings and Mom... A graham cracker sandwich with buttercream icing in the middle (a traditional, and scrumptious, treat in our family).

(delicious looking, no?)
And here is the conversation:

Me: "Wow, I've never looked so tasty!"
Cait: "I know. I'd have tagged myself but I'm sure I'm prettier. ;)"
Cait: (About a minute later): "Than a graham cracker. (I'd sound less self centered if I'd finish my sentences before I post them:)"
Me: "Hahahahahahaha! I think it was Freudian Slip!!!"
Me: "I think you said exactly what you meant. Lol!!"
Cait: "Maybe, maybe not. You'll never know"
Steven: "Um sorry but we grew up with you...we do know."
Me: "lol steven"
Cait: "Be nice"
Me: "You started it ;)"
Steven: "I love you.....;-P"
Erin: "Bahahahahaha I love you guys"

Seriously, I love my family. We are soooo hilarious! And apparently quite honest. :)

Oh, and Happy Pi Day! A fabulous holiday celebrated by the Bryson's.

[cue pretty piano music fading away]

And scene!

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