Friday, May 3, 2013

I Guess I Asked for This

Since I started taking classes in January, my life has been a little full. Okay. A lot full. Thus the very limited posting on here. I do have some fun projects that I did for a baby shower a few weeks ago, but I haven't had time to edit the posts or pictures.

Here is a sample of my typical week for the past four months:

Monday: I get up at 7:00am (though my alarm starts going off much earlier), get ready, and get to work by 8:15am. I get off at 5:00pm. Then go straight to school (30 minute drive). I read my textbooks and prepare for class till 7:00pm then class starts. I usually get done around 9:45pm, though sometimes a little earlier or later. I get home about 30 minutes later and try to detox for a little bit (ya know, watch an episode of Parks & Rec or Arrested Development--so funny!). Then I do my bedtime routine and am *hopefully* asleep by 10:45-11:00pm. Man, I'm getting tired just thinking about it.  At some point I have to find time (almost always my lunch break) to take a weekly quiz that is only available on Mondays on the website. Blech.

Tuesday: Repeat Monday. Ugh. Every day my lunch break is usually filled with homework or errands. And at some point, I eat something. After work, another class. It's funny how before I started back to school, I didn't really care about going to FHE. I usually went, but it was more out of obligation than anything. Now that I can't go, I want to and I keep hearing how fun it is. Naturally.

Wednesday: Work like usual. After work, I sometimes end up at Caitlin's to hang out and spend time with Rachel (oh, and Cait & Nick). If I don't go to Caitlin's I go home or run a couple of errands. Sometimes I do homework--one of my classes requires multi-day logging in online and working on stuff. Lame. I really don't like that. I don't have time for that. Sometimes I work on crafty fun stuff or read a book. Yay!

Thursday: I love Thursdays. Thursday is a good day. Normal work schedule, but after work I head straight home and change into a skirt, grab my temple bag and head to the Temple. Double Yay!! I usually go to the 6:30pm session so I don't get home too late. I'm usually home by 9:30pm. I almost always have to work on homework, but I find that after going to the temple I can handle it. :)

Friday: Lately I've been going over to Cait's after work and hanging out and eating Tri-tip. (Nick has been trying to master a new rub recipe---so I gladly volunteer my taste buds. It's delicious. Now I am drooling. Okay, moving on...) I try to be social and so something fun. I usually end up at Cait's or doing homework. Wow. I need to get out more.

Saturday: I usually end up waking up early-ish. My body has been trained to do so unfortunately. Mornings are spent running errands like grocery shopping and shopping for fun. Hello thrift stores! I rarely find anything, but it's always fun too look! Later I usually end up cleaning, yard work, or working on projects. Homework. I always end up doing homework for a few hours too. At some point I have to work on my Sunday School lesson--I teach the new family history class at church now! Awesome! I also try to read a book too.

Sunday: Sleep in or lay in bed doing nothing! I get up, get ready for church, cook a "fancy" brunch, and work on my lesson. Sometimes if I have time, I'll work on whatever project I have going on or read my current book. Church starts at 1:30p so I usually leave around 1:00p so I can get there a few minutes early and socialize since I don't have a chance during the week. I'm usually home around 5:00pm and then I cook dinner and find something fun to do. I try to take it easy since Sunday is really a day of rest for me. No homework, no work. And I love it. I'm glad that Sundays are no longer super busy now that I've been released from the Relief Society Presidency.


And that is a typical week this semester. No wonder I've been feeling a bit tired lately. And to think that I'm considering adding another night of classes. Yeah...about that.....

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