Saturday, May 4, 2013

National Scrapbooking Day 2013!

Today was National Scrapbook Day and here are the different projects I worked on. I haven't really had much time to scrapbook the past few months, so it was fun to join a few online crops and challenges to get me going. 

This is how my desk area looked before I started...yeah, it was messy.

The first project I worked on was a set of 6 cards, including a cute little holder I cut with my amazing workhorse Cameo.

This page is about the different states that I got to visit during my trip to Chicago last year.

I loved how these pages turned out. It's about how beautiful it was in Nauvoo last year. 

Time to clean up! My last pages that need to dry over night. And now I'm ready for another scrap session.

And after a 16 hour day, I'm really glad my bed is cleaned up so I can go to sleep. :) 

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