Wednesday, May 8, 2013

16 months of Joy

My niece Rachel is so hilarious, and adorable, and sweet, and goofy. And I love her.

Yep, this post is chock full of adorable goodness. :)

She is getting so smart. She knows sign language and can sign: Food, More, Please, Thank you, and Water (drink). She knows where her ears, nose, teeth, bellybutton, and toes are. She even says bellybutton, but it comes out more like "bellybutt."

If you ask her if she's stinky or poopy, she pats her bottom and says "stinky." But she does say that even if she isn't. So that's a work in progress.

She also says: Hi, bye, baby, puppy, Uh-oh, Milk (but it comes out as "Gilk"),  Snacks, Momma, and Daddy. She LOVES to wave to people--anyone that walks past her while on her daily walks or at the store. It's amazing how grumpy looking people light up and smile and wave back when an adorable toddler says hi to them. :)

She loves to eat Avocados, tomatoes, broccoli, rice, peaches, fruit snacks, and hot dogs. She doesn't like cheese or meat. What a wierdy. ;)

When she goes to bed, or nap, and others are there--she HAS to say bye to you. If you don't acknowledge her leaving, she'll come up to your face and wave bye so you say goodbye to her. Then she'll give you a kiss, or blow you a kiss. It's soooo cute.

She knows where to throw away the garbage, put away her toys, and where to put her shoes away. If you ask her to put your shoes away, she throws them over the baby gate by the front door. If you don't ask her, she'll pull at your shoes until they are off so that she can put them away.

Her reflection is named Zoe and she loves to watch herself in the sliding glass door. And to wave at herself. It's pretty funny to watch her get so excited about it. If you ask her to wave at Zoe, she waves at the door.

Caitlin has been working with her on animal sounds. If you ask her what sound a piggy makes, Rachel tells you, "Bacon!" That is parenting done right.

Sometimes she chases herself around the coffee table. And she loves to play fetch with her big red ball. Cait's decided that it's not "fetch" though. It's a game teaching colors, shapes, and spacial awarness--depending on the object you roll for her to get.

And I'll be honest, I love it when she runs up to me with a big smile when I walk in the room. She didn't do that to someone else recently and they were pretty jealous. To be fair, I see her regularly and they don't. But still, I liked it. :D

"I'm just gunna chill with here Dolly and my raisins. Cuz I'm cool like that."

Rachel's first cell phone.   "Hi. I'd like to order a large Meat Lover's Pizza. With Bacon."
"I know I am so cuuute!"

If anyone else in the room starts to laugh (including a character in a movie) Rachel starts to laugh. It's a hilarious little giggle. So tiny and high.

"Hey, Can someone hand me the screwdriver? I need to tighten this up."

Rachel LOVES dancing. If there is music on, she will dance, even in the middle of a store. Carrie Underwood is her favorite--she is guarenteed to dance if it's Carrie Underwood.

Reading a scouting magazine while patiently waiting for her dinner.

While taking self portriats with my phone, I could just hear Rachel thinking, "Wow, Megan looks soo goofy. hahaha."

Rachel loves smelling plants. Nick taught her to smell flowers and now she wants to smell every plant.
It's pretty funny to take her on a walk--she stops a lot.
Rachel has mastered the art of planking.
She loves to rest her head on the couch and put her legs up on the coffee table--just like Mom & Dad.

Good Morning Beautiful! I love your crazy hair!

"I like to take Dad on walks. He needs the excersise."

How can you NOT love that little cheesy grin? Hahaha. So freakin' cute!

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