Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Flower Mobile

Before I even knew I was going to throw Fallon a shower, I decided I was going to make her something fun for the Nursery. Caitlin suggested I make her a mobile like I did for Rachel.
But this one has some improvements so I thought I would update how I did it. It was definitely easier this time, but it did cost a bit more.
I used a 12" embroidery hoop and wrapped it with 1" wide cream ribbon. For the tied part, I bought 1/2" wide cream and light pink ribbed ribbon to tie around it. I also threw in 1" wide stips of burlap to add a bit of rustic charm to it. (The nursery colors are light pink, cream, and oatmeal tan. With a vintage-y vibe.) I cut 8-9" strips of ribbon and then started tieing them around the hoop. I was worried that the ribbon was going to be too long, but Cait convinced me it looked better that way. I used the same cream ribbon tied in 4 places to create a hanger. I loved how it turned out. I liked the frayed ribbon and burlap. 

 For the flowers, I used a pattern that I had done before for some wedding invitations I had helped with. And yes, I used my Cameo to cut them out. :) They are about 2" in diameter.

2/3 of the flowers are pink and the rest are creamy white with a tan back. The centers are are black fringy look with black glitter to add a bit of sparkle. Each flower has two layers of the paper and then a third layer of sparkily vellum.
Once the flowers were all dry, I curled up the edges of the petals to make them a bit more 3D. I was trying to figure out how to thread the strands through the flowers when I came up with using scrapbooking 3D foam adhesive squares. Then I put an adhesive foam square on half of them and stuck a flower on the back. Yay!
To make a strand, I cut a long piece of jewelery thread (little bit thicker than regular sewing thread) and tied a crystal jewel at the end. Then I started alternating round crystal beads (the most expensive part!) with flowers, using a needle to thread through the foam square on the flowers. To keep everything in place, I used jewelery crimp beads. 

The strands are all different lengths. I think for Rachel's I did 20 strands, but this time I only did 16. I think I like 16 better. I also made it so there was a lot more space between each item on the strand.  Sorry for the terrible picture, I didn't have anywhere in my house to hang it up when it was done except here.

When I was all done I packed it up in a perfectly sized box and very carefully wrapped up the box so it wouldn't get all tangled. That didn't work out so well, but it was easy to fix at the party. 
Fortunately Fallon loved it and was really excited about it. Several girls came up after and were wanting directions. It did take a little time to do it, but that is because I am really slow at things and wasn't sure what I wanted while I was doing it. :)
I loved how it turned out too and think I just have to make another. The great thing is that this is totally customizable and so the "flowers" can be anything you want. :)

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