Thursday, May 3, 2012

Not the Brightest Penny in the Pocket

This morning when I came into work, I began my usual routine: clocking in, turning on lights, turning on my computer, filling my water bottle, putting away any dishes in the kitchen...when I realized something about our kitchen sink.

We have a spray nozzle faucet attachment thingy.

I was confused. I asked one of my co-workers when she got in if we had a new faucet head installed. She looked at me like I was crazy (not that she was far off...) and slowly said no. I asked her if someone had installed a spray nozzle faucet attachment thingy (that's the technical name) recently. Again, she slowly said no...and that it had been there since the building was built for us...TWO YEARS AGO.

Yeah. That was embarassing. How many times had I done dishes in that sink? I've NEVER noticed it. Seriously. (I still contend that someone put it in while I was on vacation last week.)

Right now my mom is hanging her head in shame. She tried so hard to teach to be observant. In fact she had us frequently play games to help us develop this skill when we were kids. So yeah, I failed. The thing is, I love those things and really wish that my kitchen sink at home had one. I can't believe that I've never noticed it.

So all day I've been a bit embarassed about my lack of observance.

Then later in the afternoon, my boss and I were telling our somewhat new co-worker funny stories about clients and she told us this story.

She used to work at a local water park and one 4th of July day, a lady called in to find out if the water slides would be open that night. My co-worker said no, they weren't this year because of the holiday. Then the most amazing thing happened.

The lady started getting mad at her. How it was rude to close the park at night and give the employees the evening off... (and I quote here)..."because 4th of July. It's not like it's a real national holiday." Seriously. The lady said that. My co-worker was so surprised by the idiot she was talking to that she couldn't even respond. Then the lady said some other choice things and hung up.

Um, yeah, lady. 4th of July is THE holiday. Because of that holiday, we have the rest of them.

And because of that lady's stupidity, I instantly felt better about my lack of observance. At least I know that Independance Day is a REAL holiday.

Yay. Go me.

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