Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Rough Day

I try not to blog about the difficult things in my life because there is so much good to be excited about.

But today was a hard day.

Everything was good (ie: I didn't get yelled at by clients too much at work and I got to go on a field trip to the court in Sacramento) in the morning, up until we had our annual health insurance meeting in the afternoon.

I almost didn't go because I had no intention of changing. I liked my doctor and I was fine paying my premiums (they've been going down!). I was a few minutes late to the meeting, and apparently missed some crucial information: Our Company Insurance Policy is completely changing!


I don't know anything about insurance. I've had the same health insurance since I was born. Like I was born into that insurance. I know how it works and I can get it to work for me--and I can afford it. I don't want to change!!!! Waaaaaaa!

I sat there for an hour listening to all this insurance mumbo-jumbo about deductions and HSAs and Co-pays and costs for various circumstances. My brain melted. Two of the other secretaries are in the same boat as me and none of us understand any of it. I've never had a deductible and having to pay one FREAKS ME OUT! 

It's like that one scene in the movie "The Proposal" when hottie mchotterson, Ryan Reynolds yells, "I DON'T UNDERSTAND!!!" (so hilarious!).

I have to carry an epi pen, in fact the allergist I saw said that I'm supposed to have three on me (ridiculous, I say). With most of the new plans, I'll have to pay full price on them before I'll get a reduced price. Prescription plans now have . WHAT?!?! Epi-pens are freakin' expensive! Like $150/injector. I just picked up a couple of new ones and they were $15 each, using my insurance.

So I had a mini panic attack in the meeting, though, fortunately, I wasn't the only one. Even one of the attorneys has a hard time figuring out insurance. That made me feel a little better.

Basically it comes down to cost analysis / trying to anticipate future costs.

And numbers and I don't get along. (I think I might be slightly dyslexic-seriously.)

You can see why figuring out which plan to pick could be a tad difficult.

After the group meeting, we had one-on-one meetings. I was told that I'm going to be an exception and be able to keep my health insurance--IF I want to pay more than double a month for it.

I might have cried a little at this information. I can't afford double.

So now I have to stress about this over the weekend while I decide what to do. At least I have until Tuesday.

To make myself feel better, I went over to Cait's to hang out, eat dinner, and play with Rachel. It helped.......until Cait told me that she was REALLY excited about my birthday present.

This has me VERY worried, and is a good case-in-point difference between the two of us.

When I get really excited about a present I'm giving to someone, it's because the present is sooooo amazing and perfect for the person. It's overall a very positive thing.

When Caitlin gets excited about a present, it's usually because it's snarky and obnoxious and harassment. And then she'll tell you about this "perfect present" so you get excited and build up anticipation. And then you open it. And then Caitlin laughs. Usually there is good reason to be concerned if Caitlin is laughing. :)

Thus my concern. I'm worried why she would be so excited. It's not like she's going to buy me a new computer. I tried to get her to give me a hint, but she wouldn't.

I guess I just have to wait A WHOLE WEEK. AHHHHHHH!!! So cruel. I hate not knowing. This just might kill me--more so than deciding what insurance to buy.

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