Saturday, May 26, 2012

Block Picture Puzzle

My other little project this week was a "block puzzle" using a picture of Rachel. I figured it would be something cute for my mom to put on her counter or mantel.

For the blocks, I used these cute little cupcake boxes that I had lying around left over from the cupcakes that, um, my co-workers and roommates eat. Yes, I had been saving them. I knew I wanted to make this project and decided to use Rachel's face as the picture. To give the boxes a little substance, I cut up floral foam that I had lying around and put it a piece in each box. Another option that would be nicer, would be to get 3x3 wood posts and cut them to 3" squares. But that would cost money and I'm super cheap.

The boxes I used are 3"x3" and I used 6 so the measurements of the puzzle (and thus, the picture of Rachel) is 6" high by 9" long. I cut out the picture and on the back drew lines to cut up the picture so a section is on each of the 6 blocks. Once I was sure the lines would line up correctly, I cut them.

Then I took each piece and attached it to a box. For the other sides of the boxes, I attached cute scrapbook paper. Another variation of the project would be to attach other pictures in the same way so each side has another picture puzzle. That would be fun too, especially for kids.

 I knew my mom wouldn't take it apart so I just covered the other 5 sides with paper. The adhesive I used was my tape gun. To make covering the other sides easier on myself, I just cut three inch strips and then folded it over sides of the boxes.

As a finishing touch, I assembled the "puzzle" and tied a bow around it with some cute ribbon I had left over from Rachel's baby book.

I love that this project cost me nothing for the puzzle. I already had everything lying around! Yay!

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  1. How cute! I think it looks fantastic!


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