Friday, May 18, 2012

Cup of Confetti Cheer

Yesterday was my birthday. Am I old enough to start groaning when my birthday comes around? I vote yes.

My first call of the day came from Erin. It was fun to talk to her and hear how things are treating her in Rexburg. (she's doing really well, by the way. :)

I hadn't told anyone at work it was my birthday because I didn't want it to be a big deal, and I certainly don't need a cake that I shouldn't eat anyway, so I wasn't expecting anything.

The morning went along swimmingly. For lunch, Cait had "reserved" me and we made plans to go to Pluto's at the mall. Sooooo delicious! I had a fabulous salad and Cait had their amazing tri-tip sandwich (her favorite). And I got an amazing Strawberry/Banana/Nutella Crepe! YUMMY!

Cait was sweet and got me a couple of new books and cupcakes from a little cupcake store down the street--oh, and a rock monster pet. Oh yeah, let's not forget that she walked into my office with a petsmart pet box and told me she got me a pet.

I was really nervous because I don't want a pet (actually I'd love one, but I don't want to pay for it or take care of it--so really I don't want one). I opened it up and saw this.

It's the perfect pet. I'm excited. :)

Then I got back to my office and saw this:

It was like birthday threw up all over my cubicle. My sweet co-worker Brittney heard Cait tell me Happy Birthday and took it upon herself to run to the dollar store (across the parking lot) and get decorations, balloons, and confetti--lots of confetti and decorate my desk. I have no idea how she got them put up and blew up 25 balloons before I got back. I was impressed.

I saw the confetti and said, "Oh! It's so messy!" Brittney thought that was so funny. It's sad that my first thought was pity for our cleaning people. They're going to hate me. hahahaha. But I loved it and it was fun to have for the afternoon.

I cleaned my desk and saved a cup of the confetti. It was just so pretty and sparkily! I mean, who doesn't want a cup of confetti?!  :)

Steven was sweet and called and so we got a chance to chat for a minute before I got a call at work that I had to deal with.

And I got to leave a few minutes early to take the mail. That was a nice little bonus.

All in all it was a lovely day and it was fun to get messages and texts from my friends wishing me a happy birthday.

I was reminded that...

(Cait got me this pin from her jewelers while we were at the mall. So cute! It's pinned to my purse now. :))

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  1. oh wow, rachel's face in that picture is cracking me up! happy belated birthday by the way!


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