Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Random Thoughts

I have a lot of random thoughts running through my head today, such as:

1. I'm tired of having to find roommates. The last few years I've had to do this so many times! It's never fun. And a few times it turned out, umm, interesting--to say the least. Thankfully it has always worked out and I've always found a new one, usually just in the nick of time. But you know what? The whole process sucks. My roommate Christana and I found out last night that our other roommate Brittany is moving out. She gave plenty of notice and so its not really a big deal, as long as we can find someone else to move in. That is the really hard part. And I know it will work out as it should, but I don't like the wondering and waiting and the stress. Which brings me to my next point:

2. Don't smoke crack. Oh wait, no (well, yes, don't do it, but that is not what I was going to say, ha ha ha!). I meant: I just want to get married. I'm tired of all this "drama." Its not really drama per say, but it is annoying. I don't want to have to keep finding new roommates. I want one that I know isn't going anywhere. But don't worry, I'm not going to settle. But it would be nice to at least get the process moving forward, right? Right.

3. You know what is really nice though? When you're not feeling good and your friend keeps sending you really funny texts that keep making you laugh out loud at work. (Here's looking at you Bekah! :) )
4. What's also nice is when your boss says its cool to go home after lunch so you can get some desperately needed sleep (I only slept for about 2 hours last night and even that was sketchy--all due to not feeling so good).

5. What's also great is when I don't get enough sleep, I'm slightly delerious. This was proved when I had the following text conversation with Christana this morning while we chatted about what we were going to do about getting a new roommie:
  • M: So I was thinking about changing the rent amounts per room so we pay $350 each.
  • C: Okay. But our rent is already $350 i
  • M: It is? I don't remember. Lol. I think I've been paying $375. I don't know. :/ lol.
  • C: Yeah. haha. It's always been $350 :) and I'm pretty sure you've been paying $350 :)
  • M: Oh my gosh. I'm such a dork. :) I was going to check my stub when I got home. Can you tell I don't feel good today? lol.
  • C: hahaha yesh. jaha (that is a latin laugh, just in case you didn't know). Are you talking about your car payment?
  • M: No. lol. I don't know. Oh my gosh. I need sleep. lol.
  • C: Hahahaha!
6. So that is that. Good news is that last night I got a big step done on my Christmas presents for my family so now I can actually finish them all. I needed something nicely surged and fortunately I know someone who was generous enough to do it for me. Thanks Michelle!!

7. I finished a great book yesterday. (I know, another one!) It's called Obsession by Tracy Abramson. So good. I really like her books. And I like how the people in her books all know each other even though they are seperate series'. Awesome. Definitely recommend!

8. Last night I actually slept underneath my quilt. I haven't done that in six months. It's been too hot. But now it's getting cold at night! yay!! I even got so cold that I closed my window and wore a hoodie to bed. And now that I think about it, maybe I had a fever. Because I really don't think it was 40 degrees in my house. huh.

9. Okay. I think I done with random thoughts. I'm tired and since I'm home, I think I'll try to sleep before I go in to the scrap store for work tonight. :)

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