Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Houston, We Have a Problem

I do realize what I am about to share is pretty much my own fault, but that doesn't change the fact that I'm still seriously devastated about it.

About five months ago my computer died (pretty sure it was the hard drive). Which is very, very sad. But it's been so long now though that I've resigned to the fact that I have to get a new one. This isn't the worst part.

Because laptops are so expensive and I can't afford one yet (thus part of the reason for the second job) for the past 5-ish months, I've been saving everything to a large USB drive--one that I bought in May, specifically for this purpose. It's basically new still.

This is the worst part: the USB drive died yesterday. Now I've lost all my pictures, stuff for my sister's baby shower, prior projects, and the most heart wrenching is a huge project that I've spent the last 7 months working on. Something that I'm never going to be able to re-create. Pretty sure I cried about it.

As much as I love technology, sometimes it sucks.

I know it's basically my own fault for not saving a back-up somewhere, but I didn't really have any options because I don't have my own computer anymore.

My last ditch effort is to see if my super computer smart boss can recover anything from the stupid USB drive tomorrow. Crossing my fingers that it works...

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  1. Good luck! You can try your computer hard drive, too, to see if a pro can get any info off it. Crossing my fingers for you!


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