Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I Should Sue For Harassment

Okay, not really. But the weather is being such a tease! It has been cloudy and windy for two days now, and nothing, not one drop of rain.

AND I WANT RAIN! NOW! pretty please? with a cherry on top?

It hasn't rained since a freak storm came through the first of June. That is four months people. I'm feeling very parched.

And besides, it's my sister Caitlin's birthday today (yay!) (24!) (weird!) and I can remember as a kid there were quite a few years that it always seemed to rain on her birthday. Or maybe that was Erin. Her birthday is in 10 days. Hmmm. Now I don't remember whose birthday it always rains on.

Not that it matters. Moving on.

Oh cruel, teasing sky! Bring down your rains! Oh, let it rain! My car needs to be washed desperately! Seriously. I'm too cheap and lazy right now to do it myself. It would be quite convenient.

See what I mean? Dark and windy and chilly. Perfect Fall weather, except there is no rain....yet. (and there is a little jack rabbit hiding in the bottom right corner of the picture. Can you find it?)

So as I was typing the above and mentally lamenting the lack of rain, I heard the bell up front ring and a baby cry. Not too uncommon, but when I went up front to see who had come in, to my surprise and delight, I saw Monica and her mom in my office! With flowers for me! Yay!!! I even got to hold precious Jesse for a few minutes and show him off (you know, because I had so much do to with it!) to my co-workers. Double yay!

Aren't they beautiful?! They're from their garden at their house. (Such a beautiful yard!) I didn't retouch that picture at all!

And suddenly it's okay that it's not raining quite yet. :D

P.S. I just got my handwriting turned into a font! Yahoo! I did it through this website. SO freakin' awesome! Maybe in the next few days I can figure out how to show it off. Ok, I decided just to take a picture of my handwriting typed up in Word.

So cool, right?!

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