Monday, August 8, 2011

Total Devastation

I think my heart is breaking. I really do.

I got to work this morning and I realized I had forgotten my phone at home. I'm house sitting this week for my boss and so in my rush to get all my stuff together to go there tonight, I grabbed everything but my phone.

Okay. Inconvenient, but no biggie. I figured that I would just run home on my lunch and grab it. I had to run to both my banks, go home, find something to eat, and go to Winco so that I had something to eat for dinner while I was housesitting, and fill up my gas tank. I figured that if I was quick, I could get everything done. Maybe not Winco, but that would be okay.

Well I made it to the banks. Then I went home to grab my phone. I was sure it was on my bed. I know I had it this morning next to my purse because I was texting my roommates (its better for all of us for me to do that instead of using my scary morning voice). I walk in my room and look on my bed (which was made!) and no phone. I look again. I felt around. Maybe my phone was suddenly disguised in camo on the bed. I shook the covers. Nothing. I moved my pillows. Nothing. I pulled my bed completely apart. Nothing. I put my bed back together. Nothing. I prayed. And looked all over my room. Under the bed. On my craft table. On the kitchen table. On the floor. In the bathroom. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Then I thought, well maybe I scooped it up and accidentally put it in my backpack with my clothes. I checked and no. Panic was starting to set in. This was my only means of communication! I need it!!!! I prayed again. I checked my entire car. I checked everywhere and everything I touched this morning. I checked my pants pockets for the 10th time. Nothing.

My heart broke. I have no idea where my phone is. I thought, well maybe I could call one of my roommates to call it. Then I realized that I would need to have my phone to do that. And it was on silent.

I think someone was doing the Mexican hat dance on my heart at that moment. I reluctantly drove back to work, late and hungry. No phone. I thought well maybe it fell out when I got to work. I brought a sweater (our office runs chilly) maybe its there. Nothing. It really is sad that I am so upset that I lost my phone. It feels like I'm missing my arm or something. I keep trying to reach for it and it is not there. I'm lost without it. I wonder what that says about me...

Moral of the story? Don't try communicating with me today, or at least until I find my phone. Which won't be till tonight when I can go home and look again. And then go to winco and then fill up my gas tank and then go to my boss's house and feed his dogs.

Oh, and try not to step on the pieces of my broken heart. Please.

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