Monday, August 8, 2011

Hour 9.5

Dear Diary,

It has now been 9.5 hours since lost-my-phone-maggedon began. The dry earth beneath my feet is beginning to crumble to dust and I know that I am not far behind it. I feel as though my soul is withering away at the lack of communication with my world.

I just know there are so many texts and missed calls piling up (though I rarely get either). My emails are not getting read. I imagine that my family and friends are in a frenzy, worried to death that I am not on facebook or texting them back instantly. My sister could go into labor (5 months) early and I wouldn't know it. My mom could win the lottery and I wouldn't be able to celebrate with her. Some gorgeous guy that I don't know could call me telling me that he wanted to marry me and I wouldn't know it.

I can feel my phone, my beautiful phone, is out there somewhere, lost in a cold, unloving world. No one to hold it, to play angry birds on it, to push it's buttons [*sob*]. I've reached out so many times today for it, usually always there for me, but not today. Not today. My heart breaks at each thought. If this were actual paper and not on a computer, there would be tear stains smudging the writing.

I don't know how much longer I can go on living like this! Torture!! Pure Torture! I feel the end of my life is near...I cannot survive much longer.

The memories of hearing my phone vibrating at an incoming call are flooding my mind. I can almost feel it.

Oh wait. I can actually feel it. Odd.

Wait a second...

I found my phone!! Nevermind. Just kidding about the above.

Wow. No texts, emails, or calls. The vibration was just a reminder to housesit this week. Huh. Wierd. At least I found my phone!

Well, I gotta go now...

{So for reals, I found my phone sitting on my car seat after work. And it was NOT there earlier. What a tender mercy! And I learned that I am too dependant on my phone.}

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  1. That is funny and oh so true..when we lose our phones its like losing our arm..yet just a few years ago, we survived without them..Love your blog..


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