Tuesday, August 30, 2011

DUDE! I love Baseball {Players}!

Last night was sooooo much fun! Let's just say that it's nice to have friends that get awesome perks to their jobs!

Yesterday I got a call from my friend Michelle and said that they had an extra ticket to the Rivercats Baseball game last night and invited me to go with them. She sews their uniforms and so a perk is free tickets to games.

We weren't sure where the seats were, so we were expecting them to be way on the side of the field. Nope! We got just right of home base, row 24! Awesome!!!

Alyssa and I started off by taking lots of fun pictures of the "view." Michelle had brought her fancy camera with a huge zoom lens so we got some nice close ups of the players, er, warming up. It was so hilarious!

This is Kevin being cool with his aviator glasses.

Michelle and Alyssa goofing around.

I took this picture with my phone. Turned out pretty good!

Alyssa was so excited because she was able to get the mascot, Dinger to autograph her shoe.

Yeah, the Rivercats slaughtered the Aliens (Las Vegas 51's-ha!) 13-1. The pitcher walked in at least 2 runs, and maybe another (I kinda wasn't paying attention during that part). They were kind of having a rough night. But it was awesome!

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