Friday, August 19, 2011

YSA Conference 2011

A couple of weeks ago we had our annual YSA Conference. It was AWESOME! I didn't got to the activity that Friday night, but I did go to the workshops on Saturday, and the fireside on Sunday.

My roommates didn't make it so I thought I would be brave and go by myself. Which is VERY brave of me. I didn't know anyone else going. Fortunately I did find some friends once I got there, but I still did my own thing. I'm so grown up. ;)

Anyway. When I got there, I got great parking right in front of the temple and the first thing I did was take this picture:

 It was such a gorgeous day!

I was late and missed the opening talk so I snuck into the cultural hall to listen, but then saw Sister Smith from my ward's bishopric working on the quilts (which were the service project) so I went back and helped. I was so helpful that I broke a very large needle in half. I am just that good. I spent the next couple of hours quilting and by the end my fingers were swollen and painful, but it was all good because I helped finish 2 quilts! Because we were working so hard on the quilts, I missed the first workshop session. I was kinda bummed because there were a few I wanted to go to. That only left one opportunity and 5 classes to pick from. My Bishop suggested that I go to one by a former Stake President and so I did. I won't go into everything that happened, but let's just say that the Bishop was inspired to suggest it to me. It was perfect! :)

Afterwards, we had dinner and time to kill and so I walked around the temple to enjoy the beautiful evening and the quiet. And then I accidently walked in on a guy proposing to a girl. Uhhh, awkward! My bad. I snuck away as quietly as I could. I don't even know if she said yes.  :)

Saturday night was another fireside with Elder Trythall, our area Seventy authority. It was fabulous and I took lots of good notes. One of my favorite thoughts from Elder Trythall was, when speaking about being reverent in Sacrament meeting, he said, "The still small voice will not come in a text message." Brilliant!

I had told my mom that Elder Trythall was speaking so she told me that I needed to go introduce myself to him and his wife because they are friends with my grandparents. I wasn't going to, but I told a couple of my friends what Mom had said and they dared me to. So then I had to. And so I did and Elder and Sister Trythall were so sweet and asked all about Mom and Nana. I explained that I was Sybil's granddaughter and Elder Trythall said, "I didn't realize how old we had gotten. No way Sybil is old enough to have grandchildren!" I didn't tell him that she has 22 (with one on the way!) great-grandchildren. :)

Oh and after the fireside, we had a dance. And I stayed for it. Impressive, I know. 

Sunday was another fireside with President and Sister Murphy (my stake president) and they were so funny. I loved their talks.

So all in all, it was a wonderfully uplifting weekend and I felt very inspired and happy afterward. Love!

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  1. Elder Trythall was my husband's mission president! How cool!


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