Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Day Tabetta Bit Back

This is my car, Tabetta. Isn't she lovely?

Her name comes from the fact that I couldn't decide which name I wanted to name her. Either Tabitha or Loretta. Both seemed appropriate. I had votes for each suggestion. So I combined them. Thus "Tabetta" was born. :)

Anyway, moving on...

So today my car bit me. Actually she caused a blister to created on my index finger on my right hand. Quite an inconvenient spot.

I went and grabbed lunch quickly so that I could get back to the office and eat and read my book. Instead, my steering column decided to lock up so that I couldn't turn the steering wheel or the key at all. It was physically impossible.

This had happened to me before in my old car, so no biggie. I jiggled the wheel and tried to turn the key again. Nada.

I tried again. And again, and again and again.... Nothing.

So I called my mom to make her fix it, via phone when she's currently living 10,000 miles (rough approximation) away. She ignored my call.

I called my sister who wisely suggested that I jiggle the wheel. I explained that I already had. Her sage advise? "Uh, try it again." I did and nothing. Then Cait said, "I don't know. Call Nick." So helpful. Nick suggested the same thing. Though he does get points for even picking up my call while he was working.

Then I checked facebook (logically). My finger was starting to hurt because I had been trying to turn the key for about 20 minutes at this point. Erin was on facebook at the same time and so I quickly asked her if Mom was around. And then said hello. :) Erin said my mom had gone to a movie with my aunt. Of course. I explained what was going on. Erin's suggestion? Jiggle the steering wheel. I tried to sigh in exasperation via facebook chat, but it came out something like "huhhhehhegghmemhghfff" which doesn't translate well when written out. So I just did it out loud.

Did I mention that it was aproximately 146 degrees in my car? When I was talking to Caitlin, I said something about how hot it was and she suggested that I roll down my car windows, something that requires the car to be ON. Which it wouldn't do. Nice, Cait. Real Nice. She kinda laughed when she realized her mistake. I rolled my eyes.

I tried again and again and again, well I tried a lot. I called my office to let them know I was going to be back late. My coworker offered to come pick me up since I was close, but then said that my boss, who is a smart car guy was going to come and try to save me. I was already embarassed enough, I didn't want him to come and have to rescue me.

By now, the blister had already formed on my finger. It was actually quite painful. (Don't worry, I'll live). I thought to my self, "Self, I don't want Sam to have to come rescue me. I'll try one more time."

Of course, that was the time that it decided to work.

Fortuantely, I caught my boss right as he was leaving so he didn't have to come get me. And then my car has worked like a charm since then. But for that 45 minutes of torture, I thought I was going to break my car.

But don't worry, I love it again-well I will as soon as the blister goes away.

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