Friday, December 28, 2012

A Wonderful Evening

Last night was wonderful. I think that is the best way to describe it. Simply Wonderful. I couldn't stop smiling.

Last night I went to the temple for the first time and I loved it. I felt so loved and comfortable. And I loved going into the celestial room. So beautiful!

Several fun "coincidences" happened...and I don't think they were coincidences at all. I knew sooo many people last night. It was really cool. One of the workers that helped me was actually the grandmother-in-law to a friend that used to be in my ward, and my friend, Nathalie, ended up being there. Then the Coordinator was an old family friend and my youth choir director from way back in the day when I was 12-15 years old. Mom was really excited about running into her. Then I walked into the dressing room and there was my beehive leader when I was 12-13. I was friends with her son growing up and hadn't seen her in years. That was fun too. 

Then when I walked out of the recorder's office to wait to go into the dressing room, I saw a kid and his dad that I grew up with. Turns out the kid, Travis, was going through for the first time too--and it made me feel old. I'm 9-10 years older than him. Anyway, so half of my family ward showed up, including a lot of people my mom had wanted me to invite, but I hadn't. It was really awesome and really fun to see them all there. It made me feel loved.

Once I finally got into the session, I didn't have a whole lot of time to see all who was there, but after I sat down, an old dear friend, Brad, walked in...quite unexpectedly. My jaw dropped at the randomness--since he actually lives in Utah. Turns out Monica knew he would be in town this week and invited him. It was really cool. And the smirk on his face showed that he was relishing in the surprise. That was the cherry on the top--Two of my besties from high school were there.

I loved having people there that I've known at different stages in my life. Nana, Uncle Britt & Aunt Sue, of course Cait & Nick, and Mom who was my escort. Lots of my Young Women's teachers & leaders (including Travis' mom, Sister Smith), and then my friends from High School, Monica and Brad and their spouses, and Monica's parents, as well as Rich and Michelle. And then the friends I've made in my singles ward: Camie, Fallon & Kenneth, Brittney, Trulie, and my Bishop and his wife, as well as the executive secretary and his wife. 

I felt so happy and loved. It was wonderful. Truly wonderful.

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