Sunday, December 2, 2012

Best Christmas Present

Today I got an early Christmas present.

And I love it! Seriously, I'm not sure anyone can top it.

Oddly enough it came from my Bishop.

Tuesday during FHE, my Bishop pulled me into a meeting. He usually only does that if there is some problem or issue that I need to be aware of or if there is something he needs me to do.

This time it was to give me some news that I've been waiting for for over 5 years.

He started off by doing a tithing settlement (an opportunity to talk to the bishop about tithing and the blessings of paying it, and just a general "how's life?" conversation). I responded positively to his questions. He asked, "Do you know Heavenly Father loves you?"

"Yes, most definitely," I answered.

Then he got a big smile on his face and asked me,

"If you could have one thing this Christmas, what is it?"

I was perplexed and totally awkward. What kind of question is that? Where was this conversation going?

"Um...I don't know." Was some anonymous person going to play Santa to me? My mind was spinning with possibilities and lots of questions.

"Really, what would you like for Christmas?"

My thought: A new TV? Two new tires that I desperately need?A Husband?! Where in the world was this conversation going?!

"Well, I don't really need anything so probably to have my family all together and have Erin and Jim be able to come home." (I decided that this was the most acceptable answer to give. :) )

"That's a good answer. I'm not sure I can deliver that, but how about something else I know you really want."

"Oooookay." I was really puzzled.

"Well, I talk to the Stake President today and on Sunday I'd love to have you come in during Sunday School so I can get you set up with a Temple Recommend so you can go through the temple."

It took me a moment to process what he was saying.

"That is the best present I could get," I said with a big smile on my face.

"I figured it was. It's the best present I'm giving this year" Bishop said.

"It wasn't even on my list, it didn't even occur to me to even ask!" I started giggling because I was (am) so excited.

"I know. You've been so patient. And now it's time. Congratulations!" Bishop was so proud of his present to me. It was really cute.

I really wanted to jump up and down and shout! I am so excited!

Finally! I finally feel happy and know that I'm in a good place in my life.

A year and a half ago I wrote about how I struggled with having to wait so long. I'm so happy that I don't have to wait much longer.

Best part? Well it might actually be a two-for-one deal and this might get my family to come home. I want them all there when I go through. :) So take note everyone (ERIN): You're coming home for Christmas! :)

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