Wednesday, January 2, 2013


I've been debating doing resolutions this year because 1) They never get all finished, 2) I feel awful when they don't, and 3) I don't like feeling bad about how awful I feel.

All over blogdom I've seen people's resolutions and, while they are wonderful for them, they don't work for me. Then I came across this idea...and it's brilliant!

So this year instead of doing resolutions, I'm going to do a Bucket List for 2013...Things I want to do this year. Because it's a list, and I like crossing stuff off of lists, I'll probably actually get at least some of the things done. Yay!

  1. Read 50 books (That's not as many as it least not for me.)
  2. At least half of the books I read need to be new ones I have not yet read.
  3. Read at least 2 non-fiction books (this is really hard for me!)
  4. Travel somewhere new
  5. Go to three new states (Currently I've been to 21!)
  6. Go to the temple every month
  7. Finish Cait's Wedding Scrapbook
  8. Finish my Chicago Scrapbook
  9. Go back to school for Paralegal Certificate
  10. Spend time with my family each week
  11. Teach Rachel to say my name
  12. Create some kind of art wall hanging
  13. Apply for another design team
  14. Get two new tires
  15. Replace the brakes on my car
  16. Go to at least two new temples
  17. Learn a new skill
  18. Make my stocking
  19. Make stocking for my new niece/nephew!
  20. Fix my sewing machine
  21. Get new bed linens
  22. Sew a duvet cover
  23. Take an online craft class
  24. Take myself on a date once a month
  25. Visit a local museum
  26. Organize my books
  27. Catalog my books
  28. Write more
  29. Work on my Grandpa's Autobiography
  30. Upholster my bedroom chair
  31. Build an ottoman
  32. Buy a power tool and use it on a project
  33. Take an art class
  34. Teach a class
  35. Take 5 family names to the Temple
Alright, that is all I can think of for now. I may add more later.

This list has made me kind of excited for this year now. Excellent. :)


  1. Okay so I have been working on that idea too. And now, I am gonna steal some of your ideas to build my list. :) Totally agree on the number of books isn't a lot and reading 2 non-fictions is super hard. As for the online craft class...Craftsy!! That is my recommendation. What happened to your sewing machine?? Hugs!

  2. Hey, if you come visit us in Maryland, you can get 3 states and a temple in one trip! AND see the Washington Monument...come on over! :)

    1. It's funny because I'm trying to work out details for a trip to virginia to see an old roommate and we are going to hit up DC for a few days. I was going to call you once the details are nailed to see if we could meet up with you guys and do lunch and a museum or something. :) All this depends on when Cait ends up having her baby, but it'll probably be mid-June. I'm excited! :)


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