Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Harry Potter Monopoly Part Dos

Yesterday I posted about how I made a Harry Potter themed Monopoly game for my sister Erin. So today I'm continuing to elaborate on how I put it all together.

For the back of the board, I decided it would be fun to make the cover of the Marauder's Map. I found an image online and then blew it up so it was big enough. I "cheated" and used carbon paper to "draw" it on the paper. For the other side of the board, I just typed out the two quotes used for the map and traced them on to the paper and inked them in with a brown pen. Easy Peasy. I used some brown mist and sprayed it on both sheets of paper to age it a little. It turned out pretty good if I do say so myself. :)

I covered it with clear contact paper to protect it from life. Because life happens.

Also, inside the box was a spacer cardboard thingy with quick Monopoly game rules and fun facts. It was beat up and not what I wanted, so I covered it with some paper and printed some carefully designed fun Harry Potter Facts on it. Then once the paper was lined up right, I glued it down, inked it, and covered it in contact paper. Underneath it, all the game pieces are hiding.

For the box, I found some thin kraft wrapping paper that I picked up a couple of years ago (it has a cute red gingham pattern on the front) in my stash and turned upside down and wrapped the box. While doing this, I learned a valuable lesson:

When using spray adhesive and spraying towards a fan, the adhesive that is not stuck to the paper will then fly around the room and stick to everything else. Maybe that's why the label says to use it OUTSIDE. haha. Good thing it didn't actually damage anything or make everything horribly sticky.

Anyway. I wrapped each half of the box as neatly as I could and then started attaching the various labels and "stickers" I had made using my Cameo.

The two drawings I printed out and then traced onto the box using carbon paper (best invention!) and then took a brown pen to it. In the corner of the top, there is a "golden snitch" that I free handed. I should have drawn Hedwig flying. Oh well. :)

Oh and all the Harry Potter letters are inked in a pretty, sparkily gold ink. I really held back and that is the only "sparkle" in the whole thing. It kind of hurt my glitter heart a little. If this were for me, it would ALL be sparkily. hahaha.

The back of the box has the Hogwarts Crest drawn in and a little description "promo" about what's included.

Then each side of the box was wrapped in clear contact paper again to protect it. I'm not going to let someone waste all my time and energy just to accidently spill a drink on it or something. Geez. :)

It was pretty hard to get the contact paper on perfectly smooth and it's far from perfect, but I like how it all turned out.

It was a fun, but time consuming, project.

Erin better LOVE IT. Erin, I know your reading this. You LOVE IT! LOVE IT, I SAY! :)


Love you Erin! :D


So there you have it. That's my version of Harry Potter Monopoly. I had most of the materials and so I didn't spend too much on it. Most of the cost was for the charms that I used as the game pieces. Yay. I love it when I have most of the stuff already. :) It did take a lot of time designing, but I liked how it turned out, though, I probably won't make another one anytime soon.


  1. Can you publish the facts and what you wrote for the "promo?"! This is beautiful!

  2. This is awsome! Thank you for sharing/posting! I'm going to make my own HP Monopoly after seeing this. Thanks:)
    P.s. did your sister like the gift?

  3. What did you do for the property cards that say how much rent is due for each?


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