Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Christmas Miracle

So Caitlin wins the prize for the best Christmas present giver...again.

Last year, she won by having Rachel.

This year she won by announcing that she is pregnant again! And she's having the little peanut around June 18th. YAY!!!! I'm soooooo excited!

It was pretty hilarious how she told us. We had our family christmas party early in the afternoon yesterday and in all the excitment and confusion of trying to get skype to work so we could chat with Erin, Jim, and Steven...She and Nick forgot to tell us. Ooops.

Later that evening, we ended back at Cait and Nick's and as soon as Mom and I walked in the house, Cait blurted it out.


Um. What?

So that was really fun. :) And surprising!

The rest of Christmas was fun too. Cait also got me a 72 hour kit starter kit. So that is awesome. We also exchanged the books we bought together a few weeks ago. We do that every year.

And then Rachel dicovered how to open presents. She was easily the highlight this year. She is soooo cute! :)

Rachel and Nana reading a book. It's still weird to think of my mom as "Nana."
Christmas Eve we spent having dinner with the Fluckigers, our new-ish tradition. I've done it the past three or four years and then after dinner and reading scriptures and other traditions, I stay and help Michelle and Rich wrap presents for the kids. This year we were done by 11:30--apparently a new record. Usually its later...much later. :)

Auntie Lys and Rachel

Alyssa, Rachel, Sean, and Rich.

Rachel opening her very first present--new Christmas Eve Pajamas!

Kevin and his new Abraham Lincoln bobblehead.

Christmas morning I spent cleaning my house and cooking treats for the afternoon and at noon, we got together with Mom's family to do a little luncheon...and Rachel was the Star of the Show. :) So adorable! :)

Rachel, Uncle Craig, & Caitlin

Chillin' in the chair that Great-Aunt Mardene made for the grandkids to sit on at Nana's (Gran-Nan) house. Rachel loved it once she realized it was for sitting.

"I'm so cute and I know that everyone knows it!"

"I want that Goldfish cracker!!!"

Gran-Nan and Rachel rocking the night away.

Rachel's first piano/organ lesson from Gran-Nan! :) Rachel loved it, played the organ and danced along to her own music. So cute! I think I see a budding musician!
Uncle Craig wore this hilarious, crazy outfit to Christmas lunch and Cait decided that she needed to wear it. She called the stick the "Stick of Justice" because she used it to keep Rachel from going downstairs.
Cait, Steven, and Erin--our "family christmas photo" this year. I just love technology.
Nick and Rachel opening presents. Rachel enjoyed ripping the paper. It's not something she's normally allowed to do.
Cait calling family with the good news about the newest addition and Rachel playing with her Christmas presents.
Christmas was fun and lovely. I spent the evening at Cait & Nick's playing with Rachel and watching our new movies that we got for Christmas--a family tradition. We ate too much, laughed a lot, and had fun together. It was perfect. :)

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  1. I think you mean Caitlin calling the family. She is a Trog for keeping from everyone.


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