Thursday, November 22, 2012

Today I'm Thankful For...

My cousin did a list of 100 things she is grateful for so I'm totally going to copy her and do the same...except I kept coming up with things, so mines a tad longer. :)

The first 10 are in order, but then it's in no particular order.

So today (and always) I am thankful for....

      1.    Jesus Christ
2.    The Atonement/My testimony
3.    My Mom (like, totally freakin’ awesome!)
4.    My siblings, even the in-laws! :)
5.    My super adorbs niece, Rachel! She makes me so happy. And I don’t have to change her diapers (too often)
6.    My amazing friends
7.    My extended family
8.    Prayer
9.    Scriptures
10. Patriarchal Blessing
11. My grandparents
12. Temples
13. Rainy and windy days
14. Flowers
15. Mountains
16. The ocean
17. The stars
18. My education
19. My job
20. My callings
21. Sunshine
22. Chocolate
23. My birthday adventures
24. Snow
25. Facebook (so I can stalk, er, stay in touch with friends)
26. Memories
27. The talents I’ve been blessed with
28. The trials I’ve overcome
      29. My journals & scrapbooks
30. My health
31. Relief Society
32. The Priesthood
33. General Conference
34. Good Insurance (lame, but true) (oh man, does that mean I’m a real adult now?! Ack!)
      35. That I have enough money to support myself
36. Loomis
37. Rexburg
38. Nature
39. My intelligence (not that I’m super smart, but I can think for myself and function responsibly)
40. That I don’t have a workers’ compensation case (knock on wood)
41. My car
42. My blog
43. My desire to learn and grow
44. Books!
45. Can I say books again? No? Too bad, I just did. J
46. Organization
47. The people whom I’ve met just long enough to teach me something new
48. A positive attitude (most of the time)
49. That I’m a well-adjusted, functioning adult (the world needs more!)
50. The ability to choose what I want, whatever I want
51. That I live in the United States of America
52. That I can vote for leaders
53. Christmas Season! Yay!!
54. Springtime-I love it so much!
55. The colors of the leaves when they change in the fall
56. Baby animals
57. Inspiration
58. Glitter!!
59. Snail Mail (the good stuff, not junk mail)
60. My cell phone
61. My stick-to-it-ness
62. How excited I get about things—no matter how dumb it is (again: lame, but I do like that about myself)
63. Board games=Family/Friend time
64. My body and the way it functions—seriously-bodies are sooo cool!
65. Children’s stories
      66. Technology
67. Dreams
68. Law & Order (not the TV show, though that is pretty good)
69. Good leadership—in government, and in The Church
70. My baptism in to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
71. Time
72. Good people that do good things because they are the right thing to do
73. Hymns
74. 5:00pm
75. Office and Scrapbook supplies
76. The smell of pine trees
77. My sense of humor and that I laugh, probably too much
78. Fun (not mean) practical jokes
79. Creativity
80. Good communication
81. Religion/Institute classes
82. My eyesight (have you ever learned how eyes work? So fascinating!)
83. Intuition / Gift of the Holy Ghost
84. That I can read
85. Weekend getaways
86. My bed
87. That I’ve always had a roof over my head
88. Clear answers to prayer
89. Good, clean entertainment
90. Weekends
91. Truth (in all its forms, wherever it is found)
92. Long phone calls
93. The people that just get me
94. Friendships so strong that even if it’s been 6 months or 3 years since we talked, it feels like it’s only been minutes
95. Weird compliments
96. Computers
97. Sarcasm—and the people that appreciate it.
98. Holidays
99. Whiteout & Erasers
100.              That the world is colorful! I love color!
101.              Long vacations
102.              That I grew up on a ranch (as much as I hated it, I loved it more)
103.              The peace and happiness I feel everyday
      104.              Love
105.              Laughter

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