Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Count Your Many Blessings Banner

Seeing as it's November and Thanksgiving...though you wouldn't know it by the weather. It's 80+ degrees today. Blech. Thankfully it is going to change dramatically in a few days. Yay!

Anywhoo...I wanted to make an easy little banner to hang on my mantle. I settled on the phrase "Count your many blessings."

I need to remind myself to be grateful.

Somewhere online I saw a cute banner that I wanted to pattern mine after. And since I need to practice using my sewing machine, this was perfect. :)

For the "Count Your Many" part, I used my sketch pens to draw the words on the flags, one word per flag. I used kraft paper as the flags. I colored the insides of the words with the pen by hand.

These flags are wider and shorter than the "blessings" flags. After coloring them in, I outlined them with an orange glitter pen to help the words pop a bit more.

I used my cameo to cut out the individual flags, as well as the letters of blessing so there was a negative shape on the flags.

I inked around the edges of the paper using a gingerbread color chalk ink. It needed more pizazz so I went over the outer edges lightly with a sparkily gold chalk ink. Then I got a orange glittery peice of cardstock to attach to the back of each flag so the color popped through. I attached any necessary middle areas of the letters.

Once the cardstock was attached, I carefully stitched around each letter of "Blessing." Yeah, that's when I started having problems... The picture above is after I started pulling out the thread. It looked okay, though defintitely not even before I did...but then I flipped it over and found this:

Um, yeah, I have no idea what happened. Ooops!

So then I had to remake the L flag. Good thing it's easy. I decided that I didn't want to mess with my machine and try to figure it out so I just drew on thread lines. Much better.


I strung up the letters with jute string and put them up on the mantle.

Our mantle. It's so cute!

And here is our cute little scarecrow I picked up a few years ago at a craft store. I think I'll name him Frank. I heart him.

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