Monday, November 26, 2012

Adorable Rachel

I was flipping through my phone and found a bunch recent pictures of Rachel. She is just soooo cute! :) I love her button nose! It's just like Erin's and all squishy.

I love her giant bright blue eyes!

She is so adorable! I love how excited she gets when I walk in the house. She just learned how to give high-fives and is super gentle when she does. Cait is really big about telling Rachel to be gentle when she touches things. So she is super soft when she gives high-fives. It's pretty funny. She also walks like crazy! And can climb up the stairs all by herself. Though she gets pretty tired and stops often to make sure you are behind her and giggles.
When I hold her and whisper, "one....two...(insert ridiculously cute laughter from Rachel here)....three!" she laughs so hard when I pause at two because she knows what's coming...either I fake drop her or toss her up. Cue more squeals and laughter from Rachel. And she's figured out how to play peek-a-boo. When I throw a blanket on her, she starts gasping with laughter. It's funny how everything makes her laugh.
She's also starting to talk. She says momma, dadda, and bye-bye with a wave. I'm not sure she knows what they mean yet, but she likes to say them. :)
And then when it's time for me to leave or her to go to sleep she waves good bye. It melts my heart. So cute! 

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