Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Last of the Stockings

Last year I made new Christmas stockings for everyone in my family. They were adorable. But they were a lot of work and took way longer than I thought (yes, in case you're wondering that is 100% handstitched!). So I didn't get them all finished. This year I finished them. Yay! Now, at least I won't have to mass amounts of stockings, maybe one every year or two. That I can handle. :)

Here they are:

Jim's stocking:
Nick's stocking:

Caitlin's stocking:

Rachel's stocking:

What a cute little family of stockings. :)

I didn't get to mine this year (which is the same as Rachel's), but I don't really care--I can do it sometime next year. :)

But good news is that my house is all decorated for christmas! YAY!

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