Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Resolutions Recap Part 2

Yesterday I began recapping my bucket list for this year. Let's see how I did with the rest of the list:

17. Learn a new skill
           I learned to sew! And I learned several different types of skills within the realm of sewing (basting stitch, french seam, ruffling, etc.). It's been fun and pretty easy. And I can't believe that I've struggled with it my whole life. Maybe on my 2014 list, I should make some clothes...because that really makes me nervous. I did get some cute patterns that I want to try...
18. Make my stocking
            This didn't happen. Bummer. I started it, but then I stopped because I was busy with so much other stuff this year. Oh well. Maybe next year!
19. Make stocking for my new niece/nephew!
          THOMAS! YAY! He got a stocking!! This came down to the wire, but I did it. And now he has stocking to go with the rest of his family! Yay!
20. Fix my sewing machine
           The original problem was solved by Caitlin (we won't talk about how simple it was to fix...) but now the timing is off so I really need to have it serviced. Maybe this next year? Hopefully?!
21. Get new bed linens
          Working on it still. Why do the nice ones have to be sooo expensive?! Sheesh.
22. Sew a duvet cover
           Heck yes I did this!! As you well know. Bam baby.

Isn't it beautiful?! It took me months, but it was so worth it.
23. Take an online craft class
           Well, it wasn't a "craft" class necessarily, but it was a "organizing your craft stuff" 27-week class--which was necessary for me so I could get a handle on my goodies. I did it and now everything is beautiful and organize! Yay me! (See the white boxes in the above picture...yep. That was the result. :) )
24. Take myself on a date once a month
           This didn't happen as much as I would have liked. But I did make time to do stuff I enjoy...even if it was just 20 minutes window shopping at a craft or thrift store.
25. Visit a local museum
           Bummed this didn't happen. I should try to do this next year.
26. Organize my books
            Nope. I wish....I still need two more bookcases...
27. Catalog my books
Didn't get to this either. Time. I need more time!

28. Write more
           I did! But I didn't finish anything. But I did write...so that is a start.
29. Work on my Grandpa's Autobiography
          Yay! Another thing I did...well not really. I pretty much handed this over to Caitlin. My schedule has been so tight this year, and she had access to tools I didn't, and more free time, so she pretty much did it all...but it's so close to being done! Next year is the year it will be done.
30. Upholster my bedroom chair
          I decided that I didn't want to upholster the chair. I like the solid wood, but I did make a cushion so its more comfy...so that counts, right?
31. Build an ottoman
          My new roommates have plenty of furniture so I ended up not needing to make one...but when I do have my own place, or they move, I will make one. Just not this year.
32. Buy a power tool and use it on a project
          Does a staple gun count? Because if it does, then I did! Yay! But if not, maybe next year.
33. Take an art class
          I was so busy with my program's classes, that I didn't have a chance to take one. Maybe next summer?
34. Teach a class
          Well, at church I got called to be the Family History Class Teacher, so since this is my list, I'm going to count that. :)
35. Take 5 family names to the Temple
          Heck yes, I did this! Over 50 names! Bam! I was really lucky, blessed to get in touch with a 4th cousin from Australia that I don't know that had a whole family with 9 kids and several generations that my family didn't have. Glory! And I got the names ready and took them to the temple. My ward did the baptisms/confirmations and then I farmed the rest of the ordinances to that side of the family to help. It was an incredible experience. :)

So that my friends, is how I did on my goals. Considering my hectic schedule, I think I did pretty darn good. :)

And I really liked doing the whole bucket list thing and then recapping it. I think I'll do it again.

Let's see what 2014 brings!

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